Vijay Prashad: The Democratic Party and the War Machine

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theAnalysis-news on Dec 18, 2020

The roots of the Democratic Party’s foreign policy are found in WWII, the atomic bombing of Japan and militarization during the Cold War. Biden supported the Iraq War but fought for the nuclear agreement with Iran. What should we expect from his administration? Vijay Prashad joins Paul Jay on podcast.


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  13. Hmm. At the time of WWI, the public was very against US entry, and Democrat (and KKK supporter) Woodrow Wilson campaigned on keeping the US out of the war, all the while figuring out how to get the US into the war. But, yes, the atomic war was the extension of propaganda into WWII.

  14. This discussion between Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay is one of the more excellent examinations of destructive American militarism this observer has seen in some considerable time.. Thank you for sharing, Dandelion Salad …

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