Chris Hedges: America’s Endless War

End the Endless Wars!

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Mar 6, 2021

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Erik Edstrom, combat veteran, and former platoon commander, about America’s endless war.

Erik Edstrom is a decorated soldier who led combat missions in Afghanistan. His memoir is Un-American: A Soldier’s Reckoning Of Our Longest War.

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11 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: America’s Endless War

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    • I think “thou shalt not kill” is actually NOT that simple.

      First, some people will decide that self-defense is an exception, a justification for killing. See, the commandment was unclear. It did not say “no killing, not even in self-defense,” nor did it say “no killing, except for self-defense,” so in the context the world’s culture both then and now, it was unclear.

      But still you have a question of who do you fear more — the invisible strongman in the sky, or the visible strongman riding a horse through your village and wearing armor? The latter says you have to come fight a designated “enemy,” or else the visible strongman and his henchmen will slaughter you and your family. And the commandment does not clarify — is it “thou shalt not kill unless your king threatens to kill you,” or is it “thou shalt not kill even if your king threatens to kill you”? Again, in the context of that culture, the interpretation is not clear.

      And I’m not sure I’d want to obey an invisible strongman in the sky, when his instructions are so unclear. It’s hard to see the purpose of following rules that get you killed, unless you believe really really strongly in the pie in the sky.

  7. This is pretty good, though I wish a bit more had been made of a question that was only briefly mentioned: Edstrom was trained to not question his orders. In particular, he was trained not to ask what were the reasons for the war he was fighting in.

    It is my impression that all of the USA’s many wars, at least since WW2, have been based on lies and have actually been fought just to make a few rich men richer. Our politicians are liars, thieves, and mass murderers.

    And that also applies to the USA’s many current “sanctions.” The term “sanction” is a euphemism for “siege,” an act of war that kills thousands and brings suffering to millions. (And “euphemism” is a euphemism for “lie.”)

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