Phyllis Bennis and Larry Wilkerson: US Bombing in Syria Illegal and US Should Rejoin Iran Agreement Now

No War On Iran NYC March

Image by Debra Sweet via Flickr

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theAnalysis-news on Mar 9, 2021

The bombing of Syria was a violation of U.S. and International law. It was the U.S. that violated the nuclear deal with Iran and Biden should fulfill rejoin the agreement without new conditions. Phyllis Bennis and Larry Wilkerson join Paul Jay on

00:00​ Intro
02:16​ Legality of U.S. bombing in Syria
05:42​ Biden administration strategy on Iran
08:02​ U.S. re-entry in JCPOA
13:14​ Iranian military capabilities and U.S. intelligence assessment
19:30​ Balance of power in middle east, regional actors
20:56​ U.S. led anti-Iran coalition and sanctions regime
25:20​ Response from progressives in Democratic Party


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