Chris Hedges: We Must Build A New Party

Chris Hedges: We Must Build A New Party

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

The People’s Party on Apr 8, 2021

The People’s Podcast host Nick Brana speaks with Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and host of the Emmy award-winning show, On Contact.

Hedges’ fierce speech about breaking up two-party corporate rule was the most-watched speech of The People’s Convention. He joined the first episode of The People’s Podcast to discuss Biden’s first 100 days, The Squad and efforts to reform the Democratic Party, and the rise of the People’s Party.

The pair also discussed the Democratic Party’s escalating attacks on our movement as we prepare to challenge them and Republicans with corporate-free People’s Party candidates and open the door to candidate nominations.


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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: We Must Build A New Party

  1. Our Commonwealth ^ vs. The Rise of Stateism . The Competitive Disharmony of Capitalist Systems of Buying, and Selling Property is Monopolistic Stateism , thus Anti-Democratic . Red Spearhead ^ , We offer the Liberty of Democracy thru Collectivization of Our Commonwealth, for the Mutual Benefit of Our Livelihood . Our Entities , Democratically Empowered , Simultaneously thru Delegates and REFERENDUM . Drawing on Failing Capitalism’s Anarchy of Competitive Labor ; Our Parallel Collectivization is Building Production, and DISTRIBUTION for Our Mutual Democratic Livelihood . Personal Possessions Cause Envy ; Rid Yourself of the Evil Ways of the Beast ; – Sharing Brings Harmony thru Adapting the Knowledge of the APOSTLES of Collectivization, and Others Offering Solutions for the Synthesis of Inner and Social Harmony. Such as a USA IRC 501(d) Society. JBG 4/16/2021

  2. This is the best Chris Hedges interview I’ve seen in a while, and I’m recommending it to people. Lots of good insight into lots of topics.

    Several times, Nick Brana tried to turn the conversation to his new so-called “People’s Party.” It didn’t stay on that topic for long. At no point did he and Hedges discuss whether there is any need for yet another leftist party, to split the leftist vote and compete against all the other leftist parties we already have. Personally I prefer the Green Party, which seems to be a bit farther to the left, especially since summer 2016 when they put anticapitalism into their platform. I would prefer one of the parties that has “socialism” in their name, for just that reason, except they are all still too small. Perhaps the American public is not quite ready to embrace socialism, but I think we’re moving rapidly in that direction. Why, why, why can’t all the leftist parties unite?

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