Chris Hedges: Brazil Politics: Crypto-fascism, Corruption, Democracy

The Fight Against Climate Change Is An Anti-Colonialist Struggle by Rainer Shea + The Amazon is Burning at a Record Rate

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with Chris Hedges

Originally on RT America on Apr 17, 2021

The Chris Hedges YouTube Channel on Jul 5, 2022

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to the journalist Glenn Greenwald about his reporting exposing the corruption among Brazil’s political, judicial and economic elite.

Greenwald was able to show through a trove of documents how the current Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and his crypto-fascist party manipulated the legal system, with the connivance of federal anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro, and were able to discredit and eliminate Bolsonaro’s political rival, former two-term president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the leader of the Workers’ Party. These revelations – The Secret Brazil Archive – published just after Bolsonaro’s inauguration in 2019, led to repeated death threats against Greenwald, his children and his family, with threats of criminal investigation and prosecution.

Greenwald’s new book is Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.

Transcript and video

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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Brazil Politics: Crypto-fascism, Corruption, Democracy

  1. Just excellent.

    Institutional corruption is rife. Extractive capital kills; but it also has the radical potential to cure, once it changes that discordant and destructive tune, ceasing to parasitise our sacred planetary host. We are living through the most dire ecological cusp in the recorded history of Earthly existence.

    Humankind’s destiny is the cumulative sum of multiple fragile threads that span an immense abyss of conscious symbolic intent. To survive, we need to weave together these significant threads of our individual lives into an enduring living tapestry, an enriching spiritual landscape of common-wealth and universal species health that will ensure and prosper the future of biospheric life.

    If we allow the machinery of ignorance to dictate our terms, it will crush us and extinguish all intelligent possibility. We are stronger than our inherited tools, ingenious instruments and supreme weapons. The will to live wisely, transcends the reductive architecture of habit and the precocious technologies of brute force. Nature is our truest teacher, Deep Reality is everywhere potent. We are all students of this Real Life.

  2. We have no hope for survival when profits dictate our world. Whether we label them imbeciles, apathetic, or fools, the ruling elites in authority & power will ensure every opportunity for our absolute extinction.

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