Chris Hedges and Dennis Kucinich: The Division of Light and Power, Part 2

Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Image by Cheshire County Democrats via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Aug 12, 2021

On the show this week, the second of a two-part interview, Chris Hedges discusses the American coup d’etat with former Ohio Congressman, Dennis Kucinich.

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The Outlook for the US is Uniquely Bleak, by Finian Cunningham

Communist Vegans - Covid-19 Exposes Capitalism

Image by Eli Christman via Flickr

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Crossposted from Sputnik, Aug. 11, 2021
August 12, 2021

The United States is facing perfect storm conditions for the grueling continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic. The long-term economic impact could hasten the end of its global power as we know it.

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