Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek: Ukraine War Exposes US Hypocrisy, Double Standards and Racism

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BreakThrough News on Mar 1, 2022

It’s not for nothing that the US has been called the “United States of Amnesia.” The same leaders who invaded Iraq and killed a million people, who are starving Yemenis and Afghans, who label Palestinians “terrorists” for throwing rocks, and who took every opportunity to escalate rather than de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine since 2014, have suddenly dusted off their international law books with regard to Russia and are celebrating and promising to arm the Ukranian resistance.

To discuss the government and media hypocrisy and dangerous escalation by the West and Russia, Rania Khalek is joined by Ali Abunimah, director of The Electronic Intifada and author of The Battle for Justice In Palestine.

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  13. I should add a brief addendum to what I wrote here in the heat of the moment so to speak, about the larger energy context of this crisis. Black Sea gas fields and necessary Turkish/Ukrainian joint interests are a hugely significant contributing factor in the larger strategic regional calculus of this dire situation; that also implicates Romania and Bulgaria….

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  15. I’ve plenty of time a for these two admirable souls, always heed their lucid discourses and respect their first hand experience; but I have one very simple question ~ would our planet not be a happier, saner, more intelligent, collegiate, compassionate, safer place if a paranoid V. Putin were to refrain from sitting at enormous predatory distances from all and sundry, and abstain from intimidating threats of nuclear holocaust from his guilt-ridden golden cage of cunning and privilege, as the ostentatiously arrogant and narcissistically obsessed, possibly lethally deranged, ‘sole’ occupant of the Kremlin?

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