Vijay Prashad: Ukraine a Pawn in a Larger Struggle

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Dandelion Salad

theAnalysis-news on Mar 31, 2022

The U.S. wants to remain a dominant force in Europe, and sees the Russian invasion of Ukraine as strengthening NATO, weakening Russia and pushing back China. Russian aggression and U.S provocation are risking nuclear war. Vijay Prashad joins Paul Jay on


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12 thoughts on “Vijay Prashad: Ukraine a Pawn in a Larger Struggle

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  10. The massive amount of armaments pouring into The Ukraine – tanks, anti-tank weapons, drones etc – indicates the West intends teaching Putin a lesson for picking on Little Ukraine… But the tanks etc are useless without trained personnel…
    The tanks etc will be positioned throughout the country and in adjoining NATO member states,
    and the trained western military personnel will be provided when the barbarians decide to mash down the gates to invade Russia…The pretext will be a major false flag event that will be spun as a threat to The West, not just Little Ukraine…
    The invasion of Russia will not be by NATO. Forget NATO, it only muddles your thinking. A coalition of the willing (NATO members) is all that the US needs as a front, as a vehicle to launch the invasion…And dont be drawn into believing in “a war of attrition”.

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