The Chris Hedges Report: Disaster Patriarchy: The Assault on Women’s Rights, with V, aka Eve Ensler

Keep Your Theology Off My Biology and other abortion rights signs at a Stop Abortion Bans Rally in St Paul, Minnesota, May 22, 2019

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TheRealNews on May 20, 2022

The leaked majority draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which suggests the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, returning the question of abortion to the states, is part of a broader assault against women.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an estimated 30 percent increase in violent attacks against women along with the curtailment of their rights. This assault, writes V, formerly known as Eve Ensler, is “the most severe setback to women’s liberation in my lifetime.” Much of this abuse, including an increase in sex and labor trafficking, is driven by the loss of work, further disempowering women.

“In the US, more than 5 million women’s jobs were lost between the start of the pandemic and November 2020,” V writes in The Guardian.

“Because much of women’s work requires physical contact with the public – restaurants, stores, childcare, healthcare settings – theirs were some of the first to go. Those who were able to keep their jobs were often frontline workers whose positions have put them in great danger; some 77% of hospital workers and 74% percent of school staff are women. Even then, the lack of childcare options left many women unable to return to their jobs.”

In this installment of The Chris Hedges Report, Chris speaks with V about how the expected overturning of Roe and the attacks on LGBTQ+ rights are part of a global, reactionary, theocratic war for patriarchal domination. V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) is a Tony-award winning playwright, author, and activist. Her new book is The Apology.


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