Marxist Paul: What is Campism?

Resist Imperialism

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“Why have these supposed communists completely abandoned class struggle in favor of picking teams to support in capitalist wars? Well, simply put this is the result of campism.” — Marxist Paul

Marxist Paul on May 20, 2022

Referenced Sources:
Russia Matters (2019). What Is the State’s Share in Russia’s Economy?

CEIC Data (2019). Russia International Investment Position (IIP): Reserve Assets

0:00 Introduction
1:40 Subscribe!
2:09 What is Campism?
4:46 Why is Campism Incorrect?
5:44 Yes, Russia is Imperialist
9:42 The Principal Contradiction Globally
10:15 “Anti-Imperialist Countries”
11:43 Conclusion
12:18 Credits

From the archives:

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The Answer to the Latest Greedy War Spending Should Not Be Greed, by David Swanson

Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay: Ukraine and the Doomsday Machine

Vijay Prashad: Any Critic of US Imperialism is Accused of Being a Stooge for Somebody, Part 2

Vijay Prashad: Ukraine a Pawn in a Larger Struggle (Part 1)

Chris Hedges and Paul Jay: The Profits Of The Arms Industry Are What Drives These Conflicts

U.S. Spends Billions on War in Ukraine and the Working Class Pays the Price, by Natalia Marques

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