Will Griffin: Low Earth Orbit is an Orbital Space Junkyard

Space Debris or Junk

Screenshot by Dandelion Salad via Flickr
Watch the video below

by Will Griffin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
June 7, 2022

“There are a total of 90 nations operating in space today and commercial space revenue heavily outweighs government spending. There have been more launch attempts than ever before. The global space economy is growing. But why? Our hyper-connected world depends on it.” — Will Griffin

GNspace4peace on May 31, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Will Griffin: Low Earth Orbit is an Orbital Space Junkyard

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  4. We’ve trashed the soil with chemicals and human refuse.
    Ditto the oceans and rivers.
    Ditto the mountains.
    Ditto the rainforests.
    Ditto the atmosphere.
    What the hell.
    We may as well trash space.
    Look out Mars. You’re next.

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