Capitalism Is Destroying Us

Bollards To Everything

Image by Sam Saunders via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

Second Thought on Aug 26, 2022

It’s never good to hear the words “total societal collapse” from a scholarly paper, but that’s exactly the phrasing used in the new UN climate report.

We all know it’s bad, but what’s really standing in the way of us ensuring a livable future?

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4 thoughts on “Capitalism Is Destroying Us

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  2. Capitalism per se is not the problem, it’s ignorance and avarice. And they exist under all ‘isms’
    Tis the sad lot of humanity.

  3. It is those with a certain mindset that determine whether our society collapses or not in the next decade. The oligarchs don’t seem to be inclined to slow the runaway, extractive capitalism we have had to endure along with the enormous power they have obtained over the past four or five decades. The 1971 Powell Memo charted the way. Then Reagan came along to show how to implement the directives therein.

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