Mike Prysner: Ron DeSantis’ Military Secrets: Torture and War Crimes

Camp x-ray detainees

Photo by Shane T. McCoy, U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Dandelion Salad

Empire Files on Nov 19, 2022

In this Eyes Left/Empire Files exclusive, Mike Prysner sheds light on the shadowy military career of Ron DeSantis.

Featuring never-before-heard testimony by former Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi about DeSantis’ participation in illegal torture at the prison camp, and why he was likely sent to Iraq to do war crime cover-ups next.

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9 thoughts on “Mike Prysner: Ron DeSantis’ Military Secrets: Torture and War Crimes

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  7. I’m in favor of shining a light on the war crimes of our politicians. But I would hardly single out DeSantis. And in studying DeSantis, I would hardly focus on his time in the middle east. Before becoming governor, he was in congress for 5 years.

    Members of the US armed forces practice war crimes against individuals. But members of congress practice war crimes against entire countries. It’s a more abstract process — sending in so many troops, or so many drones, so many bombs — it’s all statistics, and no faces. Members of congress don’t get into the gory details of torturing individual human beings. But members of congress actually cause a great deal more suffering.

    All of the USA’s many many wars are mass murders based on lies to make a few rich men richer. If members of congress know what they are voting for, then they are mass murderers. If they do not know what they are voting for, then they are grossly incompetent and irresponsible — I guess that’s something like mass manslaughter, or mass 3rd degree murder. (The Nuremberg trials sent the top Nazis to be executed, but middle-level Nazis went to work for NATO instead.)

    All the wars have nearly unanimous support in congress. Congress does not pass the Sodom and Gomorrah test (Genesis 18:32). But it is not just congress that may soon be destroyed. Even worse than the war crimes are the crimes against the ecosystem; those may soon kill us all.

    (Sorry, I guess I’ve wandered off topic a little, but you know how it is — one thought leads to another.)

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