Ralph Nader: Big Tech Spying

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Dandelion Salad

with Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader Radio Hour on Dec. 17, 2022

Ralph welcomes the Washington Post’s technology columnist, Geoffrey Fowler, to explain all the ways your smart devices are gathering information about you, your garage door, your soap dispenser, your vacuum cleaner and even your toilet.

Geoffrey Fowler is The Washington Post’s technology columnist. Before joining the Post he spent sixteen years with the Wall Street Journal writing about consumer technology, Silicon Valley, national affairs and China.

“I’m actually really excited by technology. I love it… What angers me is that we’ve allowed a couple of really big corporations—Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook— to give us (as consumers, as users of this stuff) a false choice. And the false choice is, “You can either live in a world where you have all these great conveniences, you can use this new technology… But if you want that, you have to give us all of this data. You have to allow us to surveille you. You have to allow us to watch everything your kids do so we can market to them.” And the false choice here is: if you don’t want that, you can’t have the future. You just have to go live under a rock.” — Geoffrey Fowler

“We looked at the 1000 most popular iPhone apps that are likely to be used by children, and found that 2/3rds of them were collecting data about children— personal information, including their location— and sending it off to the advertising industry… By the time a child reaches 13, online advertising companies hold an average of 72 million data points about them. Each kid.” — Geoffrey Fowler

Ralph Nader Radio Hour on Substack

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6 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Big Tech Spying

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  3. It’s time for the Ghouls who rule to be outed.
    What are their real motives for spying on innocent people?
    Is it a monetary thing?
    Is it a form of voyeurism?
    Don’t they have better things to do?
    Are they paranoid control freaks?
    C’mon Folks, fess up.

  4. The real Tech damage is and has been happening in Health and Human Services which has been on going for over 40 years for the poor, disabled, elderly. Electronic surveillance is now mandated for all Medicaid Home Community Based Care where both the recipients and their employees/direct care workers are surveilled and tracked in order to receive care and payment.

    No other population in the US is forced to do this except for prisoners in the prison home based surveillance program.

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