Brian Becker and Lee Camp: What Next For The Anti-War Movement?

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“If Americans were dying like they were in Vietnam or in Iraq, we’d have a giant anti-war movement, but if you can get other people to do all the bleeding, if you can get Ukrainians to die, if you can get them to do all the suffering or the Russians, there’s no political blowback at home so the warmakers have all the advantages of war without the disadvantage of an anti-war movement.” — Brian Becker

MintPress News on Jan 3, 2023

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11 thoughts on “Brian Becker and Lee Camp: What Next For The Anti-War Movement?

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  10. Sadly, what is dying alongside the many soldiers on both sides and the citizens on the Ukraine side is the essential humanity of our species. It already suffers badly in hierarchical mass societies via prejudice and discrimination but now hatred for each others ordinary people is being emotionally embedded in both sides. All at the behest of a rogue elite in Russia and oligarchic elites in the west who want to stop him, but not the killing and not the profitable selling of arms. As Dylan once sang. ‘When will we ever learn?’

    – Roy

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