Lee Camp and Stella Assange: When Will Julian Be Freed?

Stella and family at Human Chain around Parliament for Julian Assange, London 8th October 2022

Image by Steve Eason via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

MintPress News on Jan 10, 2023

I spent the hour with Julian Assange’s wife Stella Assange. We talked about whether the rumors he’ll be released soon are true, how she finds the strength to keep fighting, and whether she was stunned to hear the CIA had planned to assassinate her husband.

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6 thoughts on “Lee Camp and Stella Assange: When Will Julian Be Freed?

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  4. What a merciless travesty this terrible injustice is, so unspeakably cruel and medieval…but this is a great conversation; now I’d like to hear what Baltasar Garzón is proposing to move the case forward.

  5. He will be released when either one of two conditions is met:
    (a) His sanity can be questioned/proven by our insane rulers.
    (b). His silence is assured, by threat, fear, or both.

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