Why You Should Be A Socialist In 2023

Occupy May Day 2012

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Dandelion Salad

Second Thought on Dec 23, 2022

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about socialism becoming more popular over the past few years. There’s a reason for that! The capitalist system has shown itself to be incapable of solving the problems it creates, and more and more people are living a worse life than their parents or grandparents. What’s going on here, and is socialism the way forward?

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13 thoughts on “Why You Should Be A Socialist In 2023

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    We should all be concerned. We have been here too long without any productive progress for global cooperation. We live individually and nationally with the blinders of vested interest. Our first great mistake was tribes, often for survival and understandable; but it worsened as many wanted the last word and control. Currently we are living like too many rats in a too small box. The result is too many wars from tribal to world wide.

    Fortunately in the recent centuries we have seen some progress; the UN is one example. Unfortunately this does not sit well with conservative nationalist’s world wide. Dedicated to their side of conflicting absolutes they strive for one party rule to remove all impediments. Limiting free speech and spreading propaganda;
    control is their one goal.

    Global cooperation does not have to be world government. It does require open minds and an understanding that failing such; survival is highly questionable. It will require compromise with compassion and empathy, Education should be designed to include this need.

    I am sure that this sounds impossible and naïve. It does, but if such efforts are not made endless chaos will only continue.

    There obviously will be differences; we are a world of opinions – often in opposition bound to vested interest.

    What forms of government will be needed; I have no idea, there is no name yet. Unlike sports tribes which settle their difference on the field we must embrace cooperation over winners and losers.

    W.C. Stuart

  11. The logic of the capitalist predators, if they manifest any, is that we can only expect the very least from government – a lesser evil paradigm, which in itself is sociopathic and dangerous.

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