Will Griffin: Cyberspace Social Media Information War

Hacker in the darkness

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by Will Griffin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
February 14, 2023

GNspace4peace on Dec 19, 2022

Where does the security state end and social media begin?

The revolving door between the US security state and social media corporations have become larger every year. Former employees from the CIA, FBI, DoD, NATO and other agencies are being hired more and more by large social media corporations like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and others. What are the implications of such a strong connection? Why are social media giants hiring large numbers of security state agents?

Over 90 percent of all web searches are done through Google. Nearly 30 percent of the world get their news of the world through Facebook. Social media platforms have become such an influence on public opinion, it should be a place to obtain information about the world through an impartial process. Yet, with so many former security state employees, as well as understanding what these employees have done in their positions in government agencies (drone strikes, overthrowing democratic governments, etc), we should be alarmed by the positions they now hold within the corporate social media platforms.

Cyberspace is becoming more a domain of warfare between powerful nations, it is also becoming a significant domain of class struggle. The ruling classes disseminate their psychological operations onto the working classes of the world and they are doing it through social media. This video examines the roles of agencies like the CIA and the implications of former agents and their impacts on social media.

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