A Human Rights Crime By Jimmy Carter

Dandelion Salad By Jimmy Carter ICH 05/08/08 “The Guardian” The world must stop standing idle while the people of Gaza are treated with such cruelty The world is witnessing a terrible human rights crime in Gaza, where a million and a half human beings are being imprisoned with almost no access to the outside world. […]

Jimmy Carter to meet Khalid Meshaal in Syria (video)

Dandelion Salad AlJazeeraEnglish Al Jazeera has learned that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is planning to meet with Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal in Damascus. As Clayton Swisher reports, it’s a visit that won’t win him many friends back home.

Jimmy Carter: Al Gore Best Choice for President + Condi Rice Lying About Iran Nukes (videos)

Dandelion Salad OCTOBER 12, 2007 MSNBC MORNING JOE see Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize + Will He Run for Prez? (videos)

Pres Jimmy Carter: I Don’t Think U.S. Using Torture, I Know It! + Do Not Attack Iran (videos)

Dandelion Salad CSPANJUNKIEdotORG OCTOBER 10, 2007 CNN WOLF BLITZER see Dennis Kucinich Playlist (videos) Rep Dennis Kucinich to Dem Leadership: “Stand Up” to Pres. Bush (video)

Debate Essential To Arab-Israeli Peace By Amy Goodman (Jimmy Carter)

Dandelion SaladBy Amy Goodman ICH 09/14/07 “Seattle Post-Intelligencer” I sat down with former President Carter last week at the Carter Center in Atlanta. The center was hosting a conference of human-rights defenders, people at the front lines confronting repressive regimes around the globe. After a quarter-century of humanitarian work through the Carter Center, monitoring elections, […]

Fmr. President Jimmy Carter: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid (video link)

Dandelion Salad Monday, September 10th, 2007 Fmr. President Jimmy Carter on “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” Iraq, Greeting the Shah of Iran at the White House, Selling Weapons to Indonesia During the Occupation of East Timor, and More Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3 Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript Help Printer-friendly version […]

Undermining peace by Jimmy Carter

Dandelion Salad by Jimmy Carter The Guardian September 9, 2007 2:00 PM By abandoning many of the nuclear arms agreements negotiated in the last 50 years, the United States has been sending mixed signals to North Korea, Iran, and other nations with the technical knowledge to create nuclear weapons. Currently proposed agreements with India compound […]

Riots Don’t Change Systems, by Pete Dolack

by Pete Dolack Writer, Dandelion Salad Systemic Disorder, Feb. 3, 2021 February 4, 2021 You say you want a revolution? There are no “lessons” for anyone on the Left to draw from the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol building in Washington.

Defund Fascism, Blue and Orange, by Paul Street

by Paul Street Writer, Dandelion Salad The Official Website of Paul Street August 23, 2020 The American ruling class says it is opposed to “big government.” It isn’t. The wealthy Few are only against what the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu called “the left hand of the state” – those parts of government that reflect the […]

Uncle Sam was Born Lethal by Paul Street

by Paul Street Writer, Dandelion Salad The Official Website of Paul Street, Sept. 1, 2019 September 16, 2019 “For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.” – Frederick Douglass, July 4, 1852

Abby Martin: US Sanctions are Crimes Against Humanity + The War On Venezuela Is Built On Lies by John Pilger

Dandelion Salad with Abby Martin Empire Files on Feb 22, 2019 On the eve of another US war for oil, Abby Martin debunks the most repeated myths about Venezuela and uncovers how US sanctions are crimes against humanity with UN investigator and human rights Rapporteur Alfred De Zayas.

The Siege of Venezuela and The Travails of Empire by Jim Kavanagh (must-read)

by Jim Kavanagh Writer, Dandelion Salad The Polemicist February 14, 2019 Here’s the bullet-point version: It’s imperialism. It’s American imperialism, a bipartisan national project. American imperialism is the global management of capitalist class power. It’s a binary situation in which one side or the other will win via the use and threat of armed force. […]