Mullen warns against USS Liberty redux

Dandelion Salad By Press TV ICH 08/04/08 “Press TV” The top American military officer has warned Israel against orchestrating ‘USS Liberty Part II’ to provoke a US-led war against Iran. In early July, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen visited Israel to discuss the Iranian nuclear program with his Israeli […]

Is Bush preparing the world for another USS Liberty? by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy Guest Writer Dandelion Salad Jan. 16, 2008 Following the Tonkin copycat incident in the Strait of Hormuz for which the Pentagon fell over itself, in its hurried attempt to tell the world about the nefarious regimes (Iran not US) attempts to provoke a third world war by loitering menacingly close to the […]

New Revelations on 1967 Incident: USS Liberty attacked by Israeli fighter jets By John Crewdson

Dandelion Salad Global Research, October 8, 2007 Chicago Tribune – 2007-10-02 New revelations in attack on American spy ship Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn’t tell full story of deadly ’67 incident By John Crewdson Tribune senior correspondent October 2, 2007 Bryce Lockwood, Marine staff sergeant, Russian-language expert, recipient of the Silver Star for heroism, […]

The Crucifixion of the Black Messiah by Greg Maybury

by Greg Maybury Writer, Dandelion Salad Pox Amerikana April 4, 2018 On this the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, a soon-to-be-published book provides us the most comprehensive account of this event, the shock of which reverberated across America and the world. More than that, the anniversary gives us all ample […]

The Separate Security Interests of the United States and Israel by William John Cox

by William John Cox Guest Writer Dandelion Salad September 14, 2012 A balanced analysis of the security interests of the United States vis-a-vis Israel requires a careful review of their security interests and the history of their interaction. That review demonstrates that Israel will always put its interest before any other nation, including the […]

Deir Yassin, Gilad Atzmon and All This Jazz: Love, Truth and Jihad

by Eileen Fleming Featured Writer Dandelion Salad June 25, 2010 INTRODUCTION on Youtube:

The second worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the state of Israel by William Blum

by William Blum Featured Writer Dandelion Salad 11 June, 2010 The Anti-Empire Report The worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the Holocaust. The second worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the state of Israel. Things internationally are so dispiriting there’s nothing left to do but fantasize. […]

LIBERTY means Freedom and “Never Give Up!” by Eileen Fleming

[tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] by Eileen Fleming Featured Writer Dandelion Salad 18 May, 2010 The USS LIBERTY after the Israeli attack upon it [Tampa, Florida] On a steamy evening in May, a social justice Methodist Church invited the community to dinner and a presentation intended to ignite a fire in all bellies. Ernest A. Gallo, […]

The Waning Power of Truth By Paul Craig Roberts

Dandelion Salad By Paul Craig Roberts June 19, 2009 “Information Clearing House” David Ray Griffin, the nemesis of the collection of disinformation known as the 9/11 Commission Report, has taken up the question of Osama Bin Laden, Dead or Alive? On the basis of the available evidence, Griffin concludes that bin Laden died in December […]

War With Russia Is On The Agenda By Paul Craig Roberts

Dandelion Salad By Paul Craig Roberts 26/08/08 “ICH” Thinking about the massive failure of the US media to report truthfully is sobering.  The United States, bristling with nuclear weapons and pursuing a policy of world hegemony, has a population that is kept in the dark–indeed brainwashed–about the most important and most dangerous events of our […]

U.S. – Iran War: U.S. Intentions Unclear; Israel & Israel Lobby Press for War

Dandelion Salad Sent to me by the author. by William H. White original source August 14, 2008 Mixed Signals After months of increasing expectations that the Bush administration was preparing to attack Iran, a series of events in the last few weeks indicated a possible shift in strategy. The central question about these events, listed […]

If Iran is Attacking It Might Really be Israel By Philip Giraldi

Dandelion Salad By Philip Giraldi 07/25/08 “American Conservative” The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional […]

Everybody Knows! By Jim Kirwan

Dandelion Salad By Jim Kirwan 07/22/08 “ICH” “CHANGE” sounded like a really catchy thought two years ago, before we began this non-stop farce of political selections, amid the mountains of propaganda that rise from the open wastelands of the never-ending lies. ‘Everybody knows’ that all government’s lie; the bigger the government, the bigger the lies. […]

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Bush Likely to Attack Iran, Impeachment a Must By Sari Gelzer

Dandelion Salad By Sari Gelzer February 7, 2008 The American public and media have not picked up on the urgency surrounding a pending war with Iran. Daniel Ellsberg, perhaps the country’s most famous whistleblower, fears that before the Bush administration leaves office, it will try to attack Iran. Indeed, Ellsberg’s argument gained merit as […]

Gulf of Hormuz Incident & Israeli/Palestine Update (video)

Dandelion Salad briggsmedia Gareth Porter of Inter Press News discusses the Iranian speedboat incident. Stephen Cohen of Israeli Policy Forum discusses the status of peace talks. Added: January 19, 2008 see How The Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story by Gareth Porter Communications Breakdown in the Persian Gulf (video) Iran Kucinich Leads 45 Members In […]