Kucinich, Conyers, Sanders Renew Call for National Single Payer on Medicare’s Birthday

https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/ by Congressman Dennis Kucinich Washington, Jul 30, 2010 Medicare for All is the most Cost-Effective Health Care Option for America Congressmen Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are today reaffirming their efforts to provide all Americans with health care that would allow access to the doctor of choice […]

Battle Of the Sexes: GOP Males vs Dem Females on HCR + Conyers Singles Out Kucinich & Weiner for Their Work

Dandelion Salad VoiceofAmericans2008 November 07, 2009 November 7, 2009 – Healthcare Bill Debate in Congress Harman (D-CA) more about “Battle Of the Sexes: GOP Males vs Dem…“, posted with vodpod

Conyers Subpoenas Karl Rove: “It’s Time to Talk”

Dandelion Salad Conyers Subpoenas Karl Rove: “It’s Time to Talk” For Immediate Release January 26, 2009 Contact: Jonathan Godfrey Lillian German (Washington, D.C.) — Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. issued a subpoena to Karl Rove requiring him to testify regarding his role in the Bush administration’s politicization of the Department of Justice, […]

Scott McClellan Before House Judiciary + Conyers’ & Nadler’s Questions

Dandelion Salad HouseJudiciary June 20, 2008 “Scott McClellan’s Opening Statement B…“, posted with vodpod Rep. Conyers (D-MI) opening statement at the testimony of Scott McClellan Rep. Nadler’s Questions for Scott McClellan Rep. Conyers’ Questions to Scott McClellan see Bruce Fein: McClellan, Impeachment and Congress Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 11-17 + 19 McClellan CIA Leak Case CIA Leak/Plame […]

Impeachment: We Have What Conyers Needs!

Dandelion Salad by Freiheit http://www.dailykos.com Tue Jun 10, 2008 House Judiciary Chair and Daily Kos contributor John Conyers has asked for a new tack on impeachment – a better way to challenge the party Leadership that has been obstructing him. And we’ve got it! The 35 Articles of Impeachment raised yesterday include at least two […]

Verdict: Arrest Karl Rove? Conyers Says Yes.

Dandelion Salad videocafeblog May 15, 2008 Dan Abrams talks to Catherine Crier about John Conyers statement that if Rove refuses to testify before Congress about the Siegelman case “We’ll do what any self-respecting committee would do. We’d hold him in contempt, either that or go and have him arrested”. from http://www.youtube.com posted with vodpod . […]

John Conyers: From Cowardice to Complicity (video)

Dandelion Salad jperryam from http://www.youtube.com posted with vodpod . Some people say showing anger to Congress is the wrong approach. They say it’s out of line and too easily dismissed by those who are supposed to be representing us. Let me tell those people what’s out of line: Lying to Congress (a felony) and the […]

John Conyers Brings On the Deja Vu (video)

Dandelion Salad jperryam John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is refusing to initiate impeachment proceedings against the Bush administration, because he prefers playing ignorant election year politics while innocent Iraqis and our troops continue to die for Bushco’s lies. He has announced his bid for re-election and asked for my money. Don’t hold […]

Letter to Representative John Conyers, Jr. by Ralph Nader

Dandelion Salad by Ralph Nader Tuesday, March 25. 2008 Dear Chairman Conyers: Prominent Constitutional law experts believe President Bush has engaged in at least, five categories of repeated, defiant “high crimes and misdemeanors”, which separately or together would allow Congress to subject the President to impeachment under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution. The […]

House GOP’ers Walk Out Of Contempt Vote + What Conyers Told the Rules Committee Re Contempt + Bono (vids)

Dandelion Salad Veracifier February 14, 2008 from http://www.youtube.com posted with vodpod . *** What Conyers Told the Rules Committee Re Contempt After Downing Street February 14, 2008 February 13, 2008 — (Washington, DC) – Today, House Judiciary Committee chairman testified before the House Committee on Rules in support of statutory contempt and civil litigating authority […]

Rep’s Conyers/Ellison/Waters Discuss Impeachment By Jennifer Umolac

Dandelion Salad By Jennifer Umolac After Downing Street http://www.ImpeachforPeace.org Nov. 6, 2007 On Tuesday, October 23rd, Impeach for Peace was granted a meeting with Representative John Conyers in Washington DC to discuss H. Res 333 and the status of impeachment. The meeting took place in the Judiciary Offices of the Rayburn building and was attended […]

Office Arrests: The Shame of John Conyers By Dave Lindorff

Dandelion Salad By Dave Lindorff 07/24/07 “ICH” If Rosa Parks had lived two years longer, what happened today in the halls of Congress might have killed her. It certainly would have broken her heart. Rep. John Conyers, venerable member of Congress, finally chair of the House Judiciary Committee, a man who worked with Parks in […]

“Taxpayer Money” Threatens Medicare-for-All (And Every Other Social Program) by Jim Kavanagh

Dandelion Salad by Jim Kavanagh The Polemicist, Sept. 18, 2018 September 20, 2018 Three assertions: There is no such thing as “taxpayer money.” Taxes do not pay for government spending. (Nor does debt. No revenue is needed.) Leftists who continue to talk as if “taxpayer dollars” must be collected to “pay for” government programs are […]