As things fall apart By William Bowles

By William Bowles Featured Writer Dandelion Salad crossposted on Strategic Culture Foundation 6 February, 2011 If it wasn’t such a tragedy the headlines in the corporate media would be truly laughable! Led of course, by the Washington Post and the New York Times, the duel cheerleaders for US corporate capital, where we read the […]

New Report Reveals How Bush Torture Program Involved Human Experimentation

[tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] by Andy Worthington Featured Writer Dandelion Salad 7 June, 2010 In a 27-page report, “Experiments in Torture: Human Subject Research and Evidence of Experimentation in the ‘Enhanced’ Interrogation Program” (available here), the organization Physicians for Human Rights has brought into sharp focus the role played by US medical personnel in […]

Bush White House ‘endorsed torture’

Dandelion Salad Oct 15, 2008 The Bush Administration explicitly endorsed torture techniques used by the CIA on al-Qaeda suspects, according to secret memos obtained by The Washington Post. The Post has identified two documents sent by the White House to then CIA Director George Tenet in 2003 and 2004, endorsing controversial interrogation techniques such […]

Top White House Officials Discussed and Approved Torture, Rice Admits

Dandelion Salad by Tom Burghardt Global Research, October 1, 2008 Antifascist Calling… – 2008-09-30 White House officials discussed torturing suspected “enemy combatants” early in 2002, according to a detailed questionnaire put to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by Senate investigators. The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) released a series of new documents that shed additional […]

Subversion of the Rule of Law: Bush’s Torture Attorneys

Dandelion Salad by Tom Burghardt Global Research, June 24, 2008 Antifascist Calling… The subversion of the rule of law by the George W. Bush administration was neither accidental nor contingent on executing its fraudulent “war on terror.” On the contrary, within weeks of the 9/11 terror attacks while the remains of the Twin Towers continued […]

American Psychological Assoc Supports Bush Regime “Interrogations”

Dandelion Salad By Stephen Soldz 05/27/08 “ICH” A Critique of Stephen Behnke’s Letter to the ACLU Since 2005, the American Psychological Association (APA) has steadfastly asserted that psychologists participating in detainee interrogations protects detainees by helping to keep these interrogations “safe, legal, ethical, and effective.” Last week, the APA’s Ethics Director Stephen Behnke seized upon […]

Big Brother: Illegally Spy on Americans … Win Fabulous Prizes!

Dandelion Salad by Tom Burghardt Global Research, May 17, 2008 Antifascist Calling… Fingered by whistleblower’s Mark Klein and Babak Pasdar for their role in illegally spying on Americans, AT&T and Verizon were awarded a major contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Washington Technology reports. According to David Hubler and Alice Lipowicz, Verizon Business […]

Evidence that Drugs Were Used on CIA “Ghost Detainees” During Coercive Interrogations – The Return of MKULTRA?

Dandelion Salad by Tom Burghardt Global Research, April 24, 2008 Antifascist Calling… In A Question of Torture, historian Alfred W. McCoy tracks the nightmarish world of the CIA’s Project ARTICHOKE and its later metastasis, MKULTRA through two distinct, though overlapping phases:

An Inside Look at How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla + Attorney Calls Guilty Verdict “Huge Tragedy”, Vows Appeal + Dissident Members Challenge American Psychological Association on Role in CIA Interrogation, Torture (video links)

Dandelion Salad Democracy Now! Thursday, August 16th, 2007 Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3 Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript Help Printer-friendly version Email to a friend Purchase Video/CD In a Democracy Now! national broadcast exclusive, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Angela Hegarty speaks for the first time about her experience interviewing Jose Padilla […]