Fun With War Crimes: The Truth Hurts + Judgment Day

Dandelion Salad funwithwarcrimes The Truth Hurts Sept 9, 2008 Watch more episodes here at See the “Bushies” get sloshed on truth serum, Rove be the meat in a stripper sandwich and Condi give a shout out to Obama! Coming soon…The Finale! Judgment Day Oct 7, 2008 Howie Mandel offers Bush a deal. There’s voting […]

Fun With War Crimes – Ep. 6 “Surprise Witness”

Dandelion Salad funwithwarcrimes Watch more episodes here: Episode 6 of 8. Condi goes street. Dead Soldiers get chatty. Cheney’s fightin’ mad. Episode 7 coming September 9th! Watch more episodes here: “Fun With War Crimes – Ep. 6 “Surprise…“, posted with vodpod see Fun With War Crimes – Episode 5 “That Certain Feeling” Fun With […]

Fun With War Crimes: The Bush Bubble – Ep #4

Dandelion Salad funwithwarcrimes Didn’t you always know Karl Rove had a crush on Bush? Clueless to the impact of Katrina, ready to take more money from your babies, the Bush bubble gets bigger and bigger… “Fun With War Crimes: The Bush Bubble …“, posted with vodpod see funwithwarcrimes

Fun With War Crimes: Heckuva Job! + 9/11 Changed Everything

Dandelion Salad funwithwarcrimes Added: April 30, 2008 “Heckuva Job!” is Episode # 1 of the web-series Fun With War Crimes. War crimes trial begins for the Bush administration. Take a look at the future for worst president ever. “Fun With War Crimes-Episode#1 “Heckuv…“, posted with vodpod 9/11 Changed Everything Added: May 27, 2008 Episode 2-Bush […]