John Perry: Obama’s Sickening Hypocrisy

Anti-cuts March

Image by quisnovus via Flickr

on Mar 29, 2011

Pardon me, Mr. President, but is it not a betrayal of who we’re supposed to be when there is such a deafening silence in Washington regarding the well over one million innocent fellow human beings, in Iraq alone, who now lay dead as a result of the illegal wars of choice launched by your predecessor?

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Paying the Price by Felicity Arbuthnot

by Felicity Arbuthnot
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
23 March, 2011

Now Libya’s people are “paying the price”, for being, well, Libyan, I am reminded of another people that, to use the words of the appalling Madeleine Albright, then U.S. Ambassador for the UN., were : ” … a price worth paying.” She was talking of the deaths of half a million Iraqi children, on 12th May 1996.

When I was involved, as Senior Researcher, in John Pilger’s ground breaking documentary on the reality of what was happening, in Iraq, resultant from America and Britain’s (arm twisted) UN., backed embargo, not from the actions of the regime, one scene has stayed with me to haunt.

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Bush At Large by Ralph Nader

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
Nov. 16, 2010

George W. Bush is on a roll—a money roll with a $7 million advance for his book Decision Points and a rehabilitation roll to paint his war crimes as justifiable mass-slaughter and torture.

His carefully chosen interviewers—NBC’s Matt Lauer and Oprah Winfrey—agreed to a safe pre-taping to avoid demonstrations and tough questions. Requests for him to speak are pouring in from business conventions and other rich assemblages willing to pay $200,000 for “the Decider’s” banalities. This is “Shrub’s” month in the sun.

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WikiGushers by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
October 31, 2010

Another head hangs lowly,
Child is slowly taken.
And the violence caused such silence,
Who are we mistaken?

But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family.
In your head, in your head they are fighting,
With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are crying…

Zombie, by the Cranberries

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Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV: Act to Save Tareq Aziz by Felicity Arbuthnot

by Felicity Arbuthnot
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Dandelion Salad
26 October, 2010

Christians cannot love their enemies and kill ...

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

An Open Letter:

His Holiness Pope Benedict xvi, His Grace The Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster, The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon., David Cameron, The Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon., Nick Clegg, The Foreign Secretary, The Rt. Hon., William Hague.


Your Holiness, Your Graces, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary:

I apologise for this multiple sending, but time is of the essence. So much blood has been spilt in the illegal invasion of Iraq, that it is hard to comprehend, with the upper figure of deaths, since 2003 being estimated at 1.4 million. Nearly five million souls (4.7) are displaced, internally and externally, according to UNHCR, a million widows and five millions orphans have been created, according United Nations Agencies.

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange walks out on CNN interview + Iraq war logs: civilian deaths

By Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


“This interview is about something else,” he said. “I will have to walk if you are… If you are going to contaminate this extremely serious interview with questions about my personal life.”

The reporter persisted, so Assange calmly got up, removed his mic, apologized and left.


“The attack on the truth by war begins long before war starts and continues long after a war ends,” he said. “We hope to correct some of that attack on the truth that occurred before the war, during the war and which has continued on since the war officially concluded.”


via Raw Story

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Noam Chomsky: Fallujah and other war crimes

Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chomskyan | October 06, 2010

The Justice For Fallujah Project Fundraiser, 9/16/2010
Paulist Center, Boston, MA

Recorded and edited by
Charngchi Way
Additional audio by
Jason Pramas

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The Morning Star: Disputing Iraq Body Count Figures by Felicity Arbuthnot

by Felicity Arbuthnot
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted at
29 August, 2010

The Editor,
The Morning Star

Your lead article (“The Deaths that Chilcot Forgot”, 28th August*) regarding the Iraq Body Count statistics on Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion, makes the point that “… the true figure is expected to be much higher.”

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John Pilger: Rebranding the Iraq War – The US has no intention of leaving Iraq

AlJazeeraEnglish | August 21, 2010

US combat forces have left Iraq, but who should be held accountable for the invasion and occupation that has left hundreds of thousands dead? Veteran investigative journalist John Pilger joins the show to discuss.

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Peter Phillips: The American Media Empire of Managed News

with Peter Phillips
Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
Aug 4, 2010

Propaganda model post 9/11 becomes deliberate disinformation; consolidation of media and public relations groups; prison torture across the US; domestic secret detention centers; Operation FALCON mass arrests; suspension of habeas corpus by the Chief Executive; US and NATO as protectors of global capital; structure of inequality maintained by global capital and military empire worldwide; repression that addresses us all; the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.

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Dennis Kucinich: Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie! + Tax Bankers’ Bonuses

Dandelion Salad

Kucinich Challenges Linking Unemployment Benefits to War Spending: “War Spending will Cost 2 million Jobs”

by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Dec 10, 2009

Following a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement:

“According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the sharp increase in war spending is taking up a greater portion of our Gross Domestic Product, which will cost the U.S. about two million jobs because such spending ‘is a direct drain on the economy, reducing efficiency, slowing growth and costing jobs.’ Contrary to popular assumptions, massive spending for war does not create jobs. It costs jobs. War spending is capital-intensive, not labor-intensive. War creates unemployment.

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Normalising the Crime of the Century By John Pilger

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Dandelion Salad

By John Pilger
Information Clearing House
December 09, 2009

I tried to contact Mark Higson the other day only to learn he had died nine years ago. He was just 40, an honourable man. We met soon after he had resigned from the Foreign Office in 1991 and I asked him if the government knew that Hawk fighter-bombers sold to Indonesia were being used against civilians in East Timor.

“Everyone knows,” he said, “except parliament and the public.”

“And the media?”

“The media – the big names – have been invited to King Charles Street (the Foreign Office) and flattered and briefed with lies. They are no trouble.”

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Iraq – Is the US finally ready to apologise for the devastating human costs of the war?

Dandelion Salad

Propaganda Alert!


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

October 29, 2009

The world’s attention has shifted to Afghanistan. Barack Obama, the US president, calls it the “Good War”, so what does that say about Iraq? Josh Rushing talks to Christopher Hill, the US ambassador to Iraq, about the US foreign policy and Iraq’s elections, and asks if the US is finally ready to apologise for the devastating human costs of the war.

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Exclusive: God Bless Charles DeGaulle by Daniel N. White

by Daniel N. White
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Oct. 18, 2009

Recent Washington Post article talks about how some unidentified Iraqis are saying that they are going to suffer if the United States leaves soon.  These Iraqis are saying that there will be a lot of killings by the various militias running around the country once the US leaves.  No doubt they are right on that.  Unstated but obvious message of the WP article is that therefore we the US must continue our war efforts there at least for the reasonably forseeable future and therefore things, if not fine, are at least the least bad of all the possible alternatives.  Which dishonest message, is of course to be expected from a newspaper that shamelessly shilled for the war in the first place.

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Cindy Sheehan Speaking at Bellarmine University

Thanks to James for sending DS the link to this speech.

Video from Hillbilly Report
Sept. 11, 2009

with Cindy Sheehan
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

Thursday September 10, 2009. Cindy Sheehan spoke at Bellarmine University. I’ve always wanted to meet Cindy and never thought that would happen, but thanks to Nancy Jakubiak, Harold Trainer, Carol Trainer, John Wilborn and others I not only met her but shot video of her speaking.

I would also like to thank Adam Renner, Ph.D for allowing me to shoot the video at Bellarmine University. This is a full length video of her, except for the questions and answer session. I also managed to get a few photos, click here to view them.

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