Clips From Hagee’s Sermons – Scary Stuff (video)

Dandelion Salad TheYoungTurks Watch more at Added: May 01, 2008 see Bill Moyers Journal: Essay on Jeremiah Wright (video) Max and the Marginalized: Teflon John (cartoon video!) Since I gave up hope, I feel better. by William Blum “Man Overboard!”: Obama turns away from a drowning friend By Mike Whitney Countdown: Delegate Switch To […]

Cannon Fodder For The Rapture – The Children of Palestine & Israel

Dandelion Salad By Robert Weitzel 03/18/08 “ICH” Safa Abu Saif, a 12-year-old Palestinian girl, was visiting a friend’s apartment when the bullet fired from an Israeli rifle slammed into her chest, punching a gaping exit wound in her back. No ambulance could reach her because of the fighting. Safa died in her father’s arms three […]

Defending Israel to the “End Times” By Bill Berkowitz

Dandelion Salad By Bill Berkowitz ICH 03/02/08 “Dissident Voice” These are busy days for Christian Zionists. While President Bush recently returned from his trip to the Middle East “optimistic” that a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians could be reached by the end of the year, Pastor John Hagee’s Christian United for Israel (CUFI) […]