Is The U.S. Incapable Of Standing Up To Israel?

[tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] Updated: added Democracy Now! MoxNewsDotCom March 17, 2010 on vodpod: Is The U.S. Incapable Of Standing Up To Israel? pt.1 Pt 2

Israel Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews on the Spot by Chris Hedges + Don’t Come to Bi’lin Again

by Chris Hedges Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Truthdig March 15, 2010

Voices for Justice for the Palestinians, Part 2

[tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] The Peter B Collins Show Info on Podcast #109 March 10, 2010 Voices for Justice for the Palestinians, Part 2. This is the final episode of interviews from the Sabeel Conference March 5-6 in Marin County, California. Powerful voices who decry Israel’s brutal domination of the West Bank and lockdown […]

Voices for Justice for the Palestinians, Part 1

[tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] The Peter B Collins Show Info on Podcast #108 09 March 2010 Voices for justice for the Palestinians. Part 1 of a 2 part series of interviews from activists who participated in the Sabeel Conference held March 5 and 6 in Marin County, California. Sabeel means “The Way” in Arabic, […]

Biden blasts housing starts as ‘undermining’ trust By Ron Kampeas [tweetmeme source= “DandelionSalads” only_single=false] By Ron Kampeas JTA March 9, 2010 WASHINGTON JTA — Vice President Joe Biden denounced a decision to authorize new Jerusalem housing starts as “undermining the trust” that he needs to advance peace while in Israel. “I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new […]

Lies About the War and Lies About Ourselves by Daniel N. White

by Daniel N. White Featured Writer Dandelion Salad February 19, 2010 My younger brother the attorney has a friend from high school I know reasonably well who is also an attorney–he’s worked in the biggest state’s AG’s office doing appellate criminal for a quarter century now, and is at the top of the legal food […]

Israel Rules By Paul Craig Roberts By Paul Craig Roberts December 29, 2009 “Information Clearing House” On Christmas eve when Christians were celebrating the Prince of Peace, the New York Times delivered forth a call for war. “There’s only one way to stop Iran,” declared Alan J. Kuperman, and that is “military air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities.” Kuperman is […]

Welcome to Occupied Orlando By Eileen Fleming

Dandelion Salad Crossposted at Thomas Paine’s Corner thanks, Jason. By Eileen Fleming 1/11/09 Warning: This article contains graphic photos that serve to document a few of Israel’s myriad war crimes at the original post: Welcome to Occupied Orlando I was on my way to Lake Eola for an afternoon rally, where over 2,000 people came […]

Regarding Senator Biden and “Tasks from God”

Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason. photos at the original source By Eileen Fleming 9/16/08 Recently Senator Biden spoke with Shalom TV and stated that, “There is this inextricable tie between culture, religion, ethnicity that most people do not understand…You don’t have to be a Jew to be a […]

Pitbulls And Colonialist Ghosts By John Steppling

Dandelion Salad Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason. photos at the original source By John Steppling 9/09/08 Simulposted with The Greanville Journal From Sartre’s beautiful introduction to Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth: “Europeans, you must open this book and enter into it. After a few steps in the […]

U.S. – Iran War: U.S. Intentions Unclear; Israel & Israel Lobby Press for War

Dandelion Salad Sent to me by the author. by William H. White original source August 14, 2008 Mixed Signals After months of increasing expectations that the Bush administration was preparing to attack Iran, a series of events in the last few weeks indicated a possible shift in strategy. The central question about these events, listed […]

War with Iran – On, Off or Undecided? by Stephen Lendman

Dandelion Salad by Stephen Lendman Global Research, August 7, 2008 There’s good news and bad, mostly the latter but don’t discount the good. On May 22, (non-binding) HR 362 was introduced in the House – with charges and proposals so outlandish that if passed and implemented will be a blockade and act of war. It […]

RNN: Christian Zionists target Iran

Dandelion Salad TheRealNews At the annual meeting of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Washington its leader, popular televangelist John Hagee, refrained from the kind of controversial comments that have led Senator John McCain to repudiate his endorsement. But McCain’s close adviser, Senator Joe Lieberman, did address the meeting, even though progressive Jewish organizations strongly […]

The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)

Dandelion Salad VPROinternational May 31, 2007 For many years now the American foreign policy has been characterized by the strong tie between the United States and Israel. Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so? In March 2006 the American political scientists John […]

Bush Visits Flood Damaged Iowa To Get Feet Wet On Disaster Relief

Satire Robert by R J Shulman Dandelion Salad featured writer Robert’s blog post June 20, 2008 CEDAR RAPIDS – President Bush arrived in Iowa today to inspect the damage caused by the worst flooding in the Midwest in decades. “Who could have known that the Mississippi River could overflow from the rain,” the President said, […]