After the Oil Rush

by Alex Smith
July 1, 2010

Shortly, I’ll get to the latest scandals and horrors in the BP Gulf of Mexico blunder.  But first, let’s go straight to an interview with scientist John Kessler, just back from a research mission at Ground Zero where the Deepwater Horizon drill ship sank. Continue reading

Danger Deep In The Gulf

by Alex Smith
June 23, 2010


Coast to Coast AM covers the Gulf:

RICHARD C. HOAGLAND: “Gas explosion, 50 miles off Louisiana, that you can imagine.  Think Mount St. Helens, underwater.  What that would do is create a cloud of incredible toxic material, which would then drift with the winds over the shore, where there are millions of people…”

GEORGE NOORY: “What about a tsunami?”

R. Hoagland: “The next step is you would get a tsunami.”

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