Chris Hedges: The Earth, The City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race

Chris Hedges: The Earth, The City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Feb 4, 2018

Carl Anthony, Author of The Earth, The City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race, discusses architecture as a form of oppression in the United States.

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July 5, 2005 - Hemp Field

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Cement production alone accounts for five per cent of all global carbon dioxide emissions — that is more than the entire aviation industry. The answer could lie in a field of cannabis plants in Oxfordshire, the UK. Joyce Ohajah follows the process.

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Earthrise: Earthships + North Aral Sea Revival

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Earthship - 9

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The arid New Mexico desert is home to a cluster of unusual buildings called ‘Earthships’ — environmentally-sustainable, self-sufficient homes made using recycled and natural materials. Plus, the revival of the North Aral sea, thanks to more efficient irrigation to increase in the inflow of the Syr Darya river, endangered fish reintroduction programmes and the 13-kilometre Kok-Aral dam. Continue reading

How Hemp Is Used for Food, Clothing, Building Materials and In Cars Like Lotus

Wild growing hemp

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ŠĩŗĜŕôŵåɭȍҭҭ· on Nov 11, 2010

Hemp is being recognized by more and more people as one of the most versatile plants on the planet.

There are over 25,000 different products that can be made from hemp, some of which include:
– Food
– Clothing
– Building Materials
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Earthship Biotecture on the Weather Channel (video)

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Episode 128: “Alternative Homes”
Original Air Date: 2007-08-25
Take a tour through a unique community in Taos, New Mexico. It features eco-friendly homes that are built with discarded materials, and they’re also “off the grid.” That means they’re totally energy independent. How cool is that?…

Added: September 15, 2007

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