Culpa Innata by B. Barmanbek: A Dystopian novel about a New World Order, by Roland Michel Tremblay

by Roland Michel Tremblay
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February 21, 2013
Culpa Innata
Culpa Innata is a well written, imaginative and realistic dystopian novel set in the future and taking place in Eastern Europe. It paints a picture of what a New World Order might look like following a great economic meltdown, worldwide riots, globalisation and some affluent trillionaires buying the worldwide debt to introduce a new system in their own vision, a vision where mega-corporations control the world.

In Culpa Innata the world is separated into two: the mighty World Union, a free trade area encompassing all the Western World including South America, Japan and Eastern Europe, and the independent Rogue Nation States like Russia, China and India. Continue reading