“Blood Strawberries” in Greece by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
April 29, 2013


Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

“Blood Strawberries”: A Roundup of Media Reporting on Bangladeshi Workers Being Shot by Foremen in Greece When They Demanded Back Wages

At the village of Nea Manolada, a farming area west of Athens where thousands of migrant workers are employed, there is a history of exploiting migrants, but nothing like the Greek tragedy that occurred there April 17 when 29 Bangladeshi workers were shot by three foremen with two shotguns and a handgun. A photo of one of the victims showed him with bloody bandages over his groin, which leads one to believe that these foremen were vicious.

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Who’s To blame As Hundreds Die In Bangladeshi Factory Collapse by Kathy Durkin + Cheap Clothes for Mass Deaths

Dandelion Salad

My condolences to all the families of those killed and injured.

by Kathy Durkin
Workers World
April 26, 2013

A man stands atop the rubble holding a sign that reads "HELP THEY BANGLADESH"

Image by uncultured via Flickr

In Savar, an industrial suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, at least 300 workers, mostly women, died at the Rana Plaza garment factory building collapse on April 24. In addition to the appalling number of deaths, more than 1,200 were injured there in the worst industrial disaster ever to befall this country.

The search continues to find survivors trapped in the rubble. Emergency crews have heard cries of workers pleading to be rescued, many crying out that their children need them.

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Fears of ecological disaster in Bangladesh oil spill + Pipeline Oil Spill In Wisconsin

Dandelion Salad

On the Meghna River with the gypsies

Image by The Advocacy Project via Flickr

Jul 30, 2012 by

Environmentalists in Bangladesh are warning that leaks from a sunken oil tanker could lead to the country’s worst-ever ecological disaster.

Al Jaeera’s Nicholas Haque reports from Naraayan-ganj, on the banks of the Meghna river.

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Bangladesh: U.S. And NATO Forge New Military Partnership In South Asia by Rick Rozoff

by Rick Rozoff
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism Sept. 29, 2010
October 2, 2010

The Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh disclosed on September 26 that the United States had requested combat troops for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military command in Afghanistan.

The effort to recruit Bangladeshi soldiers for the nine-year-old war was made in an overture by U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke to Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dipu Moni in New York City, presumably on the sidelines of or following last week’s United Nations General Assembly session.

A statement issued by the government of Bangladesh said that Holbrooke “sought for any kind of help like deploying combat troops, providing economic and development assistance or giving training among the law enforcement agencies.” [1]

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stimulator: 12 Monkeys

Dandelion Salad

December 10, 2009

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World’s first ‘climate refugees’

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April 21, 2009

Environmentalists predict that climate change will affect more than 375 million people every year by 2015, due to natural disasters and rising sea levels.

Thousands of people in Bangladesh are thought to be the world’s first “climate refugees” due to severe flooding.

Nicolas Haque reports from Kutubdia island in southern Bangladesh.

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Congratulations! British Authorities by Badrul Islam

Sent to DS by the author, thank you, Badrul.

by Badrul Islam
Dandelion Salad
April 3, 2009

BBC headlines reports” Banned Dutch MP held at Heathrow -A Dutch MP who called the Koran a “fascist book” is to be sent back to the Netherlands after attempting to defy a ban on entering the UK. We wish to congratulate the British Home Secretary and Immigration Authorities at Heathrow Airport for their wise decision. We appreciate BBC’s continuous efforts to keep the World informed. This happened on February 12, 2009.

BBC reports that Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders was invited to show his controversial film-(which links the Islamic holy book to terrorism) – in the UK’s House of Lords. But Wilders who faces trial in his own country for inciting hatred, has been denied entry by the Home 0ffice. The MP was invited to the House of Lords by the UK Independence Party’s Lord Pearson.

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Does anybody care if Bangladesh drowns? + Who cares if the world drowns? (videos)

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More at http://therealnews.com
Afsan Chowdhury talks on climate change, environmental refugees and the Bali conference.

Friday December 7th, 2007

Afsan Chowdhury is a journalist and communications development expert based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Toronto, Canada. Director of the film “Climate Change – Does anybody care who if Bangladesh drowns?,” he is also Director of Advocacy and Human Rights at The Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC).

Who cares if the world drowns?

More at http://therealnews.com
Afsan Chowdhury on the U.N. Climate Change Conference at Bali.

Wednesday December 19th, 2007

Afsan Chowdhury is a journalist and communications development expert based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Toronto, Canada. Director of the film “Climate Change – Does Anybody Care if Bangladesh Drowns?,” he is also Director of Advocacy and Human Rights at The Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. Afsan is a member of the Board of Directors of IWT.