Biden: US won’t stop Israel attack on Iran + transcript

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July 05, 2009

Vice-President Joe Biden told ABCs This Week on Sunday that the US wouldn’t stand in the way of Israel if they decided Iran was an existential threat.

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Clinton: We hope the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people

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Updated: June 30, 2009

Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
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15 June 2009

1) Clinton: We hope the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people(13 June 2009)
2) Clinton Threatens to Attack Iran ‘The Way That We Did’ Iraq (7 June 2009)

3) Biden: We are not going to allow Iran to go nuclear (14 June 2009)
4) US President Obama: The clock is ticking (26 June 2009)

excerpt from: Remarks With Canadian Foreign Minister Cannon

Joint press conference by US Foreign Minister Clinton and her Canadian counterpart Cannon, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 13 June 2009

SECRETARY CLINTON: We watched closely the enthusiasm and the very vigorous debate and dialogue that occurred in the lead-up to the Iranian elections. We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds in Iran.

But we, like the rest of the world, are waiting and watching to see what the Iranian people decide. The United States has refrained from commenting on the election in Iran. We obviously hope that the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people.

FOREIGN MINISTER CANNON: For Canada, on behalf of Canada, Canada is deeply concerned by reports of voting irregularities in the Iranian election. We’re troubled by reports of intimidation of opposition candidate’s offices by security forces. We’ve tasked our embassy officials to – in Tehran to closely monitor the situation, and Canada is calling on Iranian authorities to conduct fair and transparent counting of all ballots. […]

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US Vice President to Lebanese voters: I urge you to walk away from the spoilers of peace

Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
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23 May, 2009

1) Remarks by US Vice President Biden after meeting with Lebanese President Sleiman (22 May 2009)
2) Remarks by US Vice President Biden at the announcement of the U.S. shipment of equipment to the Lebanese Armed Forces (22 May 2009)


“We support your sovereignty, Mr. President. We support — admire your democratic process, and will do all in our power to help you enforce your democratic institutions. […]

That’s why it’s so important that the people of Lebanon participate in your democratic elections in June, Mr. President. […]

So I urge those who would think about standing with the spoilers of peace not to miss this opportunity to walk away from the spoilers.”

[US Vice President Joseph Biden, remarks after meeting with Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman, 22 May 2009] [1]


“[S]ince 2005, the United States has committed more than a half a billion dollars to provide [military] training and equipment […] [The] training programs, including the United States Special Forces, are part of a comprehensive U.S. military assistance effort with Lebanon. […]

The United States is committed to Lebanon. The United States is committed to Lebanon’s armed forces. The United States […] is absolutely committed to the sovereignty of the people of Lebanon and the government of Lebanon. And we are committed to playing a central role, to the extent you wish us to do so, in guaranteeing that sovereignty for a democratic Lebanon.”

[US Vice President Joseph Biden, remarks at the announcement of the U.S. shipment of equipment to the Lebanese Armed Forces, 22 May 2009] [2]



[1] Remarks by the US Vice President Biden after meeting with President Sleiman

White House website, 22 May 2009 nt-after-meeting-with-President-Sleiman/

[2] Remarks by the US Vice President Biden at the announcement of the U.S. shipment of equipment to the Lebanese Armed Forces

White House website, 22 May 2009 nt-At-The-Announcement-Of-The-US-Shipment-Of-Equipment-To-The-Lebanese -Armed-Forces/

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Recent Words Aside, US Continues Military Encirclement Of Russia by Rick Rozoff

by Rick Rozoff
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
March 7, 2009

American Vice-President Joseph Biden at the Munich Security Conference in early February pledged to “press the reset button” with Russia.

Since then prominent Washington officials have repeated their intention to reset, reboot and so forth relations with Russia but have, starting with Biden at Munich, not relented in any substantive manner on any of the behaviors and projects that have antagonized Moscow.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently and American President Obama is to meet with his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev n London early next month.

Russia has permitted the US and its NATO allies transit rights for non-military goods to assist the West’s expanding war in South Asia, though in the process is abetting the extension of the NATO military nexus from the Baltic to the Black to the Caspian Seas and hence tightening the noose around its own neck.

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Biden Vows to Continue Bush Policy Towards Iran By Jeremy R. Hammond

By Jeremy R. Hammond
Featured Writer
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Foreign Policy Journal
February 9, 2009

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden last Saturday outlined the Obama administration’s continuation of the Bush administration’s foreign policy towards Iran.

Reiterating the Bush policy of loosely defined “preventive” warfare outlined in Bush’s National Security Strategy, he said that the “U.S. will strive to act preventively to avoid having to choose between the risks of war and the dangers of inaction.”

Echoing the previous administration’s policy, Biden offered an ultimatum, saying the U.S. would be “willing to talk to Iran” but only if Iran acquiesces to the Obama administration’s demands to abandon its nuclear program.

Translated into meaningful terms, this effectively means the U.S. will continue to refuse to talk to Iran, since its nuclear program would be one of the major points Iran would like to negotiate.

The U.S. has accused Iran of having a nuclear weapons program, despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is actively monitoring and verifying Iran’s program and its commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), has repeatedly noted that there is no evidence that this is so, and despite the U.S. intelligence community’s own assessment that Iran today has no nuclear weapons program.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is solely for civilian purposes.

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Statements on Iran by Biden, Miliband, Merkel, Sarkozy, Larijani and ElBaradei

Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
7 February, 2009

“… Iran has acted in ways that are not conducive to peace in the region or to the prosperity of its people; its illicit nuclear program is but one manifestation. […]

We are willing to talk to Iran, and to offer a very clear choice: continue down your current course and there will be pressure and isolation; abandon your illicit nuclear program and support for terrorism and there will be meaningful incentives.

Second, we will strive to act preventively, not preemptively to avoid wherever possible a choice of last resort between the risks of war and the dangers of inaction.

We will draw upon all the elements of our power – military and diplomatic; intelligence and law enforcement; economic and cultural – to stop crises before they start.”

[US Vice President Joseph Biden, Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009] [1]

“We welcome US willingness to talk to Iran. But if Iran doesn’t respond we will need to be ready to impose much tougher sanctions…”

[UK Foreign Minister David Miliband, Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009] [2]

“We want a diplomatic solution […] But we are also ready for tougher sanctions if there is no progress”

[Germany’s President Angela Merkel, Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009] [3]

“We only have one solution left, reinforce sanctions against Iran […] We need the Russians to help so that sanctions against Iran are effective”

[France’s President Nicholas Sarkozy, Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009] [3]

“The old carrot and stick cliché must be abandoned”

[Iran’s Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009] [4]

“Many other countries are enriching uranium and the world is not making a fuss about it. So why are we making a fuss about Iran and its nuclear enrichment? […] They (the Iranians) have been called ‘Axis of Evil’, there has been money allocated for regime change in the country, they are surrounded by nuclear-armed countries and American troops. So put yourself in their shoes”

[Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei, CNN interview, 2 February 2009] [5]



[1] Speech at the 45th Munich Security Conference

by US Vice President Joseph Biden, 7 February 2009 konferenzen=&sprache=en&id=238&

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Obama: A Strong Middle Class = A Strong America

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President Obama and Vice President Biden speak about the new Middle Class Task Force dedicated to raising the living standards of middle class families. Learn more at

(This video is public domain)

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Wither Wall Street, by Ralph Nader

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Tax Solution to Wretched Greed, by Joel S. Hirschhorn

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Biden vows more strikes inside Pakistan

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Press TV
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:29:10 GMT

US Vice President Joe Biden emphasizes that Pentagon would not hesitate to launch strikes inside Pakistani territories near the Afghan border.

“I can say that the President of the United States said during his campaign and in the debates that if there is an actionable target, of a high-level al-Qaeda personnel, that he would not hesitate to use action to deal with that,” Pakistani media quoted him on Monday.

The remarks come after 22 people were killed in two separate US missile strikes in the Waziristan region, on Friday.

US commanders said they had consulted President Barack Obama before launching recent drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.


via Press TV – Biden vows more strikes inside Pakistan.


Obama Allows Air Strikes In Pakistan! 17 Killed + Obama ordered Waziristan airstrikes

“Same as it ever was” Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

The Daily Show: Obama Closing Gitmo

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The Daily Show

The prisoners at Guantanamo could go to prisons within the US, to allies abroad, or to synchronized dance squads.

watch via
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Maddow: Cheney Unplugged with Bart Gellman + Bailout Rage + Troops Withdrawal

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Maddow-Bart Gellman on Cheney

Maddow-Bart Gellman on Cheney
Rachel discussed highly enhanced VP powers

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Bailout Rage


Rachel has an idea of how to get a piece of that bailout pie. Become a bank! It’s easy!

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Iraq U.S. Troops Withdrawal NOT REALLY A Withdrawal!

December 22, 2008 Rachel Maddow Show


Why did Cheney confess on national television? + Will Bush Pardon Cheney on Christmas Eve?

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Dick Cheney Channels Nixon

McGhosts and Ogoblins by Rosemary and Walter Brasch

by Rosemary and Walter Brasch
featured writers
Dandelion Salad
Oct 29, 2008

There are a lot of scary things in this world, but one of the scariest is that Halloween and the Presidential election are only five days apart. It’s hard to miss the parallel between tricks-and-treats and the promises-and-panderings of politicians masquerading as the most caring, most vital, most sincere candidate. While standing behind their lapel flag buttons, they are quick to dress their opponents in something less patriotic.

The Republican right wing wants to dress Barack Obama as a socialist terrorist, putting on him a large black beard, a kufi hat and abaya robe. Instead of handing out candy, these wing nuts have Obama handing out dollar bills, which he stole from hard-working conservative millionaires.

The Right Wing doesn’t say much about Joe Biden, knowing he’s sharper than any of the candidates about foreign affairs, but he does occasionally put a foot in his mouth. Maybe they can dress him as a podiatrist.

The Democrats want to glue John McCain to George W. Bush, and parade them door-to-door as conjoined twins. Assuming that isn’t acceptable to McCain—at least now—maybe the Democrats can dress McCain as a Mission: Impossible tape recorder, knowing at some point he’ll self-destruct.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a costume for Sarah Palin. During the past two months, the Republicans spent $150,000 on clothes for her and her family, plus at least $23,000 for makeup. After figuring out that the nation is in a Recession, that most Americans don’t even earn $170,000 in three years—and that some outraged Americans found out about her shopping spree—Palin spun out and claimed that the clothes really aren’t hers and will be donated after the election, most probably to starving Republican day traders. For Halloween, and for a truly scary appearance, maybe Mooseburger could remove all the makeup and lipstick her handlers put on her to make salivating middle-aged men believe that outward beauty is an acceptable cover-up to inner vacuousness.

While large numbers of wolves, polar bears, and moose have been seen registering to vote, hoping that Palin wins and leaves their state, Palin is busy stalking Dick Cheney’s footprint, hoping to continue her mind-meld with him.

And speaking of Cheney, a nice costume for him might be a repaired heart, assuming he had one. But, since he has again suddenly disappeared from sight, he might be dressed as the Ghost of America Thankfully Past.

Ralph Nader, who has good ideas, hardly any media coverage, and absolutely no chance to be president, could wear a large fluorescent green leaf, and carry an organic sign—“Hey, I’m over here!”

Bob Barr is running for president on the Libertarian ticket. He is an NRA board member and was once a conservative Republican who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Lately, he’s been on an extended speaking tour for the ACLU. Perhaps we could dress him as the Statue of Liberty, a rifle in one hand and what’s left of a shredded Constitution fiercely clutched in his other hand.

There are more than 200 other third-party and independent candidates. It would be far too expensive to give them all individual costumes, so why not dress each of them as sheep on steroids, bleating to be free of the pack, and hoping to attract voters who are disgusted with the policies and candidates of the Democratic and Republic parties.

We’re not scared about the voters. They’ll do whatever it is that voters do for whatever reasons they do it. We’re scared about what happens to their votes after they’re crunched by pro-Bush Republican-dominated Diebold, the company that manufactures most electronic voting machines in the country.

Like 300 million other Americans and several billion in other countries, we’re scared about the economy. You know, the one that was spurred by a combination of greed, incompetence, and lack of governmental regulation. Children and their parents are all going to be trick-or-treating this Halloween, hoping there are still some families that have extra food to give to those who may soon become homeless.

Finally, we’re really scared that in a few months we’ll all hear George W. Bush and Dick Cheney tell us, “We’re Baaaack!”

[Rosemary Brasch is a former Red Cross national disaster family services specialist, secretary, union grievance officer, and labor studies instructor. Walter Brasch’s latest book is the second edition of Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush, available at, and other stores. You may contact Brasch at or through his website at:]


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