Nine Myths about Socialism in the US By Bill Quigley

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By Bill Quigley
Information Clearing House
April 11, 2010

Glenn Beck and other far right multi-millionaires are claiming that the US is hot on the path towards socialism. Part of their claim is that the US is much more generous and supportive of our working and poor people than other countries. People may wish it was so, but it is not.

As Senator Patrick Moynihan used to say “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But everyone is not entitled to their own facts.”

The fact is that the US is not really all that generous to our working and poor people compared to other countries.

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Ansel Herz: Earthquake Immediate Aftermath On the Ground + The Morning After – The Haitian People Have Mobilized

January 15, 2010

This video is from the immediate aftermath – 3 to 20 minutes after the tremors on January 12 – in the neighborhood of Jacquet in Port-au-Prince where I lived since September. I really wish I could have got this up on the web sooner, but Internet connections are difficult to sustain.

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