Chris Hedges: Black Bloc Could Kill OWS

with Chris Hedges
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Feb. 7, 2012

Italiano: illustrazione disegnata di un black bloc

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on Feb 7, 2012

We’re continuing our discussion of wanting to take the influence of money out of politics with Author and Truthout columnist Chris Hedges. Overturning Citizens United is just one step, but for those that have been monitoring the Occupy movement for over the last four months, they know that it’s about much more. But where does public opinion stand on Occupy now that the majority of the camps have been evicted?

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The Cancer of Occupy by Chris Hedges

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In the Aftermath of the G20: Reflections on Strategy, Tactics and Militancy by Ritch Whyman

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by Ritch Whyman
The Bullet
3 July, 2010

The events at the Saturday G20 demonstration in Toronto last week have provoked a series of responses already. This article is not meant to review the events of the day itself, but to look at the questions raised by the demonstrations and tactics used for the left.

Suffice to say the reaction of the police, in arresting, detaining, and brutalizing nearly 1,000 people in the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, exposes the serious attacks on civil liberties the left faces. Continue reading

the Stimulator: The Revolution is NOW! + We started the riot

subMedia.TV’s final report from the G20 rebellions in three parts:

Who are we? – Report 5 of the weeklong resistance coverage of the G20 rebellions

stimulator | July 01, 2010

http://subMedia.TV ‘s the stimulator reports from the “Justice for our communities” action on June 25th.

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Black Block get green light to rampage? + Jesse Freeston on Canadian national TV

G20 Toronto Black Block get green light to rampage?

CanadiansNanaimo | June 28, 2010 | 4:17

A photo Journalist describes his experience following the black block as they rampage through the streets of Toronto during the G20 Summit.

20,000 police and security officials and a $1 billion security budget were not enough to stop 75-100 black block anarchists from smashing windows and torching police cars during a 1.5 hour rampage. The Black Block were able to rampage through the street for 24 blocks until they reached the ‘official protest zone’ where they quickly changed clothes dispersed through the crowd of peaceful protesters and then left the site.

The police were fully aware of the rampage and watched the black block from a distance at a number of locations. It wasn’t until they had dispersed into a crowd of peaceful protesters who thought that they were in a sanctioned area that the police took action beating innocent people with batons and spraying them with pepper spray.

Why was this allowed to happen? Police abandoned police cars at Bay and King when they didn’t need to, why? Was this allowed to happen so the Harper government could justify an outrageous security bill when there was no credible terrorist threat (according to CSIS)? Who led this group of vandals? Were they infiltrated by government paid provocateurs as was the case in Montebello where police with masks and rocks attacked their own riot squad?

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Howard Morton: There is evidence the police infiltrated “Black Bloc” + Steve Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest

Howard Morton is a criminal lawyer and a member of the Law Union of Ontario

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The Stimulator: Riots, Occupations and Jail Solidarity + Occupy Vancouver

March 07, 2010


This week:

1. Birthplace of the Resistance
2. Occupy California
3. Indonesian Ninjas
4. This is what jail support looks like
5. Post-Olympics Resistance arrests
6. Public Enemy
7. Derrick O’Keefe digs his own grave
8. Vancouver Tent Village

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Hundreds arrested at climate change demo + Police Attack Sound Truck

Dandelion Salad

December 13, 2009

Danish police say they’ve arrested nearly a thousand people during mass protests on the fringes of the climate change summit in Copenhagen. Many of them are said to be members of the Black Blocs group, an organisation which advocates violent direct action and which disrupted the NATO summit in France in April. They’ve threatened unspecified protests next week when world leaders join the summit.

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