Venezuela: Coup and Countercoup, Revolution by Eva Golinger

by Eva Golinger, April 12, 2010
Postcards from the Revolution – 2010-04-11

Venezuela commemorated the eighth year anniversary of the coup d’etat backed by Washington that changed the bolivarian revolution forever

In just 47 hours, a coup d’etat ousted President Chavez and a countercoup returned him to power, in an extraordinary showing of the will and determination of a dignified people on a revolutionary path with no return. The mass media played a major role in advancing the coup and spreading false information internationally in order to justify the coup plotters’ actions. CIA documents revealed US government involvement and support to the coup organizers.

When Hugo Chavez was elected President in 1998, the Clinton administration maintained a « wait and see » policy. Venezuela had been a faithful servant to US interests throughout the twentieth century, and despite the rhetoric of revolution spoken by President Chavez, few in Washington believed changed was imminent.

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Onwards towards a Communal State! by Hugo Chávez

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by Hugo Chávez
February 25th 2010

“Zamora lives, the struggle continues,” is the slogan that lives among our people. There could not be a more propitious framework for enacting the Organic Law of Federal Government than the act of unveiling the statue of Sovereign People’s General Ezequiel Zamora at the park El Calvario in Caracas. Accompanying us on this bright day are representatives of community councils across the country, together with the Legislature.

It is 151 years since the start of the Federal War (1859-1863): it was February 20, 1859 when Tirso Salaverría commanded the Battle of Coro and then raised the cry of Federation. We couldn’t give Zamora a greater tribute then, than giving our people a law to help with their definitive liberation.

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