Pat Buchanan: US on the edge of the abyss

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The financial crisis put the U.S. and the whole world on the edge of an abyss says American political commentator Pat Buchanan.

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The Danger of Right-Wing Populism By Shamus Cooke

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By Shamus Cooke
December 28, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse

A strange trend is appearing in the political realm of the Left. Self-proclaimed political conservatives – many current or former members of the Republican Party – are being given considerable room in Left publications, for example in Counterpunch and BuzzFlash. At first it seemed accidental, with only sporadic occurrences. Now these “renegade” right-wingers enjoy ample room in spaces formally reserved for “lefties only.”

How is this to be explained?

If you ask a self-proclaimed progressive why he or she admires a particular conservative pundit, you’ll most likely receive a list of “progressive” positions:

Against the Iraq War
Against free-trade (especially NAFTA)
Against Globalization
Against the bank bailouts
Against the Federal Reserve
Against restrictions on civil liberties

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Pat Buchanan: Georgia started the war + It’s like the Cold War

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Did US officials know about Georgia’s plans to attack its breakaway region? The issue deserves a special hearing in the US Congress, according to American political commentator Pat Buchanan. Continue reading

We, the Salt of the Earth, Take Precedence By Paul Craig Roberts

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By Paul Craig Roberts
07/01/08 “ICH”

Which country is the rogue nation?  Iraq?  Iran?  Or the United States? Syndicated columnist Charley Reese asks this question in a recently published article.

Reese notes that it is the US that routinely commits “acts of aggression around the globe.”  The US government has no qualms about dropping bombs on civilians whether they be in Serbia, the Middle East, or Africa.  It is all in a good cause–our cause.

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Victor’s Justice Vs. Morality – The Hitchens Conundrum

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by Patrick J. Buchanan
Global Research
June 26, 2008
Post Chronicle

Did Hitler’s crimes justify the Allies’ terror-bombing of Germany? Indeed they did, answers Christopher Hitchens in his Newsweek response to my new book, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War”:

“The stark evidence of the Final Solution has ever since been enough to dispel most doubts about, say, the wisdom or morality of carpet-bombing German cities.”

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‘The Constitution of the United States is not for export’


by Guadamour
featured writer
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Guadamour’s blog post
June 12, 2008

In the book Day of Reckoning–How Hubris, Ideology, And Greed Are Tearing America Apart (Thomas Dunne Books 2007) Patrick J. Buchanan writes “Bush and McCain (and legislators like McCain) sent thousands of Americans and scores of thousands of Iraqis to their deaths. They forgot (and more than likely never knew) what the American historian Daniel Boorstin taught: ‘The Constitution of the United States is not for export.’ After five years of bleeding America to build democracy in Iraq, ‘perhaps the most helpful change we can make is to help President Bush and Senator McCain and others like him change their own thinking.”

Buchanan, a Nixon speech writer, historian, long time Washington insider, former presidential candidate, slams the Neocons that came to Washington with George W. Bush. Using numerous examples from history he shows how wrong they have been and the extreme damage they have done to the fabric of the United States of America. As well as the missed opportunities they’ve had.

“Free Trade” is knocked as hard as it is in The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. The knocking is done by someone who formerly believed in it, but one whose eyes are not blinded by ideology.

It is conclusively shown in this book how foolish it would be to attack Iran, and how talking with Iran and Russia would be the smartest possible move in terms of US foreign policy.

Sharing some of the beliefs of Ron Paul, Buchanan makes a strong case for closing foreign US military bases and not putting more of them in Iraq.

Furthermore, he argues persuasively for the US to remove itself from NATO.

Buchanan gives a list of steps that can be taken to restore the United States of America to the dominate power it has retained over most of the past century.

It’s hard to agree with all the ideas covered in this book, like the idea of taking draconian measures to stem the tide of immigration; however, Buchanan marshals his facts well for everything he covers.

The book is well written, well researched, gives numerous good historical examples, spares no one the author believes warrants criticism, and reads fast.

It is a thoughtful and surprising read coming from a well known conservative, and will likely have much better reception in Democratic circles than in Republican.