The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt by Matthias Chang

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by Matthias Chang
Global Research, March 10, 2009
Future Fast Forward

How Did It Happen and What are the Ugly Consequences?

The Federal Reserve is bankrupt for all intents and purposes. The same goes for the Bank of England!

This article will focus largely on the Fed, because the Fed is the “financial land-mine”.

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“Outlaw the Shadow Banking System!” Guess Who Said It? by Matthias Chang

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by Matthias Chang
Global Research, March 7, 2009

When I read the remarks of President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown after their meeting at the Oval Office on March 3, 2009 and the speech of the latter to the Joint Session of Congress on March 4, 2009, I realized that a growing antagonism has emerged between certain factions of the ruling elites in the City of London and in Washington DC.

The first warning of the acute differences was sounded by President Obama himself and it was most surprising that the mass media paid hardly attention to it. In his weekly address on February 28, 2009, President Obama said:

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The Crisis of Common Sense: Is It So Difficult To Understand The Financial Crisis? by Matthias Chang

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by Matthias Chang
Global Research, January 1, 2009

Thinking & Common Sense

God gave us a brain to think, to think naturally and in simple terms, and not in a complicated way.

When we think naturally and use common sense to address problems we will be able to arrive at simple solutions.

But our education system tortures us mentally and forces us to think in complicated ways. Our teachers, economists, politicians and so-called experts in God and religion make mountains out of mole-hills, turning simple truths to complex arguments and “scientific theories and equations”.

These experts need to make things look difficult to survive and to make sure that we have to rely upon them for solutions. It is often said that, “in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is the King”.

Thinking used to be a pleasure and so very invigorating. But now experts have ensured that thinking is difficult and tiring, so burdensome, that we don’t think at all.

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The Shadow Money Lenders: The Real Significance of The Fed’s Zero-Interest-Rate Policy (ZIRP)

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by Matthias Chang
Global Research, December 26, 2008

The Battle To Save The Fiat Money System Has Begun

Global Central Banks Acting In Concert-
Disinformation In Financial Dailies To Confuse The People
When The Truth Dawns On Hapless People, There Will Be Blood On The Streets.

This Is The Warning By IMF!


The disinformation by the global financial dailies in the last twelve months as to the cause of the global financial tsunami, serve the same purpose as the global mass media when they perpetuated the lies that lulled the people to support the war criminals Bush, Blair and Howard to launch the barbaric war against Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in the genocide of millions, the mutilation of hundreds of thousands, physically and psychologically, and the devastation of an entire nation.

The wars unleashed thus far, specifically the “War on Terror” were launched to preserve the shadow money-lenders’ political and military power.

This War on Terror is the greatest military sideshow that distracted the American people from the financial rape and plunder of their economy and the destruction of their Constitution.

Since the Summer of 2007, we have witnessed a concerted effort by the world’s central banks and global commercial and investment banks to preserve the shadow money-lenders’ financial power, one that is founded on fraud and structured in every detail as in the infamous Ponzi scheme.

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Global Financial Domination: The $8.5 Trillion Chip by Matthias Chang

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by Matthias Chang
Global Research, December 13, 2008 – 2008-12-12

Obama’s Gamble – The Ultimate And Final Bet By Obama’s Financial Handlers

A few weeks ago, I warned in my website that the Dow would dive below 7,000 at the earliest by end of December 2008 and at the latest by the end of the first quarter 2009.

Any responsible central banker would want to control a downturn, preferably by a gradual slide of the market as opposed to a sharp hard landing.

But events and data have revealed that these financial handlers are not responsible and are hard core gamblers in their very soul.

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