Dear President Obama: Easter Has Nothing To Do With War (2010)

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Christians cannot love their enemies and kill them, too

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Repost, in case you missed it.


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

DerrickCCrowe – April 04, 2010

In his weekly address, President Obama strangely introduces a war theme into a message ostensibly about a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ…y’know, the Prince of Peace.

Mr. President, Easter has nothing to do with war. Please stop trying to make Jesus fit with your outlook on war and international relations. You just cheapen both.

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What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter

Drones protest by Codepink at Senator Feinstein's home

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bravenewfoundation·Mar 27, 2013

How can we hold our heads high when remote-controlled, killer aircraft are raining death and destruction on populations half a world away?

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Robert Jensen: We Are All Apocalyptic Now: Moral Responsibilities in Crisis Times

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Apocalypse (close-up)

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SocialJusticeNOW·Mar 4, 2013

University of Texas Professor Robert Jensen speaks on “We Are All Apocalyptic Now: Moral Responsibilities in Crisis Times” in the First Unitarian Universalist Church Public Affairs Forum. Continue reading

Witnesses at a Drone Hearing by David Swanson

Death from Above / Drones

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by David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
23 February 2013

This coming Wednesday the House Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on “Drones and the War On Terror: When Can the U.S. Target Alleged American Terrorists Overseas?”

This is odd for a number of reasons.

1. Congressional committees usually don’t do anything at all on such matters.

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Is the Catholic Church Ready for a Black Pope? by Finian Cunningham

Happy St. Benedict the African Day!

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by Finian Cunningham
Featured Writer
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East Africa
Crossposted from PressTV
February 13, 2013

Is the Catholic Church ready for a black pope? That is the question many inside and outside the world’s largest Christian organization are asking following the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI this week.

The German pontiff, formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he was elected in 2005, is the first leader of the Catholic Church in 600 years to retire before death. Most of his predecessors, who trace their official lineage back nearly 2,000 years to Saint Peter, the first pope, have died while still in the top job.

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Occupy Sandy–Recovery From The Bottom Up by Peter Rugh

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by Peter Rugh
February 5, 2013

Occupy Wall Street's Hurricane Sandy relief drop off center at St. Jacobi's church in Sunset Park Brooklyn

Image by Michael Fleshman via Flickr

IT WAS Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and the sound of pounding drums mingled with subway steel rattling underground, sending a hot pulse through the high-arched edifice of a humble house of worship in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. As Nina Simone sang in her blue soliloquy to the slain civil rights leader, “The king of love is dead.” But here, in St. Jacobi Lutheran Church, one could feel King’s heart beat on.

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Message of the Day: Merry Christmas

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Verbum caro factum est

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A Daily Spiritual Seed
Shalom Place
December 25, 2012

Message of the Day

In the case of the virgin birth the power of the Highest was implanted immaterially in the undefiled body and took the Virgin’s purity as the material for the flesh, employing it as the contribution of the virgin body towards the formation of one who was in truth a new Man… Continue reading

Sainthood cause for Dorothy Day + Who is Dorothy Day? + Dorothy Day’s unpopular stance

Dorothy Day icon by Nicholas Tsai

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CatholicNewsService· Dec 12, 2012

Part I in a series examining the sainthood cause of Dorothy Day, an American activist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement. This segment examines recent developments in the canonization process.

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Chris Hedges with Jeremiah Wright on Poverty in the U.S.

with Chris Hedges
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December 3, 2012


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Lannan Foundation and Nation Books presented Chris Hedges with Reverend Jeremiah Wright on 12 November 2012 at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Hedges spoke about poverty in the U.S., then followed by a conversation with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Distributed by

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“The 15% Solution,” Serialization, 30th Installment: Appendix V: On Poverty, Sin, Regulation, and Freedom

Note: The Preface and Chapters One through Twenty can be found here:

by Jonathan Westminster, Ph.D. aka Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted on
October 14, 2012

A Simple Message for the Religious Right

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This is the thirtieth installment of the serialization of a book entitled The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022.  Herein you will find Appendix V.  This Appendix, purportedly written by the 20th century political analyst, (the fictional) “Dino Lewis” presents a discussion of the contrasting views of the right and the left on the correct role for government in regulating personal behavior, economic activity, and environmental health, safety and preservation, the relationship, if there is one, between poverty and “sin,” and the whole religious concept of “sin.” It is certainly fully relevant to the United States and what we might face in a future governed fully by the Republican Religious Right.

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Christianity and Anarchism

Who would Jesus Bomb?

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Dandelion Salad

on Oct 31, 2011

Jesus Radicals Conference 2011. Mark Van Steenwyk and Sarah Lynne Taylor give a primer on Christianity and Anarchism

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Brother Sun and Sister Moon (1972)

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St. Francis of Assisi

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Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Italian: Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna) is a 1972 film directed by Franco Zeffirelli and starring Graham Faulkner and Judi Bowker. The film is a biopic of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Francesco, the spoiled son of Pietro Bernardone, a wealthy textile merchant, returns home from fighting in the war between Assisi and Perugia. Continue reading

Daniel Berrigan, America’s Street Priest by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
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June 11, 2012

Justice for the 99% Rally, Liberty Park, NYC

Image by The Eyes Of New York via Flickr

The Rev. Daniel Berrigan, undaunted at 92 and full of the fire that makes him one of this nation’s most courageous voices for justice, stands in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. He is there, along with other clergy, to ask Trinity Church, which is the third-largest landowner in Manhattan, to drop charges against Occupy activists, including retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard, for occupying its empty lot on 6th Avenue and Canal Street on Dec. 17. The protesters, slated to go to court Monday, June 11, hoped to establish a new Liberty Square on the lot after being evicted by New York City police from Zuccotti in November. Continue reading