Christmas in the Holy Land: Protests, Arrests, Santas and Drums

December 21, 2009

Thanks to neverbeforecampaign for this video about conditions in the historical Holy Land. A slide show of images from the near east showing conditions under the occupation and siege.

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At Christmas, Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Is Reunited With His Family by Andy Worthington

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by Andy Worthington
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
25 December 2009

On December 21, the following article, written by Kevin Cullen, was published by the Boston Globe. It brings up to date the story of Oybek Jabbarov, an innocent man from Uzbekistan, held in Guantánamo for nearly eight years, who was finally freed in September and given a new home in Ireland. As I reported at the time, Jabbarov had been cleared for release by a military review board in 2007, but was unable to return home because of fears that he would be tortured if he was repatriated. It took almost three years for the US State Department to find him a new home, but even after being freed it seemed that Jabbarov’s life had been irredeemably ruined through his lost years in Guantánamo, because he had no idea where his wife and two young sons were, and no way of knowing if he would ever be reunited with them. In his article, Kevin Cullen explained what happened to Oybek Jabbarov’s wife and sons, and I can think of no better way to mark Christmas than to cross-post his article.

A Holiday Reunion
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A Christmas Journey to Freedom

Dandelion Salad

Merry Christmas to all!  A beautiful and sad story, a little music and inspiration along with a history lesson.  Please enjoy.  ~ DS

Merry Christmas!

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Day of Discovery

A Christmas journey unlike any you have ever taken before—the first in a series of special holiday presentations with soloist Wintley Phipps, author and professor Dr. Allen Callahan, and actress Gwendolyn Briley-Strand as Harriet Tubman in the dramatic presentation, A Christmas Journey to Freedom.

The year is 1854, a time when America struggled deeply with the issues of slavery. Harriet Tubman, known as “Moses”—a guide to freedom for slaves— learns of a dear friend in trouble.

In 1854, the Underground Railroad was, among other things, an extraordinary partnership across all of the lines that divided people in this country in the 19th century.

via A Christmas Journey to Freedom

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Holiday Greetings: The Harris Pole 2008

The Other Katherine Harris

by The Other Katherine Harris
Featured writer
Dandelion Salad

previously published Dec. 2008

Jan 1, 2009

NORTH POLE – On each year’s visit to formerly ice-bound Kringleshire, I find there’s less of it.  Lately there’s so much less that rescuing animals from the encroaching waters has become part of daily life.  When I arrived by ferry (quite a change from the sled treks of yore), the famously philanthropic Kringle clan chief S. Claus was guiding a group of polar bears to safety.  Some had been swimming for days, he said.

Claus looked as exhausted as the bears, so I helped beach his little rowboat, the HOHO, puzzled that no elves ran to assist.  Equally surprising were the many drilling platforms that had sprung up in the vicinity.  These developments turned out to be connected.


larger view

“Must be crazy-busy in the factory now,” I remarked while we were walking to the house next door to it.

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Ahmadinejad: Jesus WILL return

Dandelion Salad

President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Alternative Christmas Message
Translation of the Alternative Christmas Message, delivered by the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
December 25, 2008 “Channel 4

“In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Upon the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, Son of Mary, the Word of God, the Messenger of mercy, I would like to congratulate the followers of Abrahamic faiths, especially the followers of Jesus Christ, and the people of Britain.

The Almighty created the universe for human beings and human beings for Himself.

Ahmadinejad: “Jesus WILL return” (When did you ever hear Western leaders talk with this conviction)


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The United States: A Country Without Mercy By Paul Craig Roberts

Dandelion Salad

By Paul Craig Roberts
December 16, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse

The Christmas season is a time to remember the unfortunate, among whom are those who have been wrongly convicted.

In the United States, the country with the largest prison population in the world, the number of wrongly convicted is very large. Hardly any felony charges are resolved with trials. The vast majority of defendants, both innocent and guilty, are coerced into plea bargains. Not only are the innocent framed, but the guilty as well. It is quicker and less expensive to frame the guilty than to convict them on the evidence.

Many Americans are wrongfully convicted, because they trust the justice system. They naively believe that police and prosecutors are moved by evidence and have a sense of justice. The trust they have in authorities makes them easy victims of a system that has no moral conscience and is untroubled by the injustice it perpetrates.

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Dennis Kucinich: Happy Holidays and Family Photos on the Christmas Tree

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A special message from Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio’s 10th District.

Video by Chad Ely

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What Would Jesus Buy?

Commercial Capitalism for Christmas

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

video no longer available

Jun 27, 2012 by

An examination of the commercial-ization of Christmas in America while following Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse (the end of humankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt.)

The film also delves into issues such as the role sweatshops play in America’s mass consumerism and Big-Box Culture. From the humble beginnings of preaching at his portable pulpit on New York City subways, to having a congregation of thousands – Bill Talen (aka Rev. Billy) has become the leader of not just a church, but a national movement.

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Despite Bush Plea, Pope Turns Other Cheek to War On Christmas by R J Shulman (satire)

by R J Shulman
Dandelion Salad
featured writer
Robert’s blog post
April 16, 2008

WASHINGTON – During his historic visit to the White House today, Pope Benedict XVI politely rejected President Bush’s request that the Pontiff participate in a troop surge in the War on Christmas. “I tried to explainicate to his highness,” Bush told reporters, “the importance of his supportication of our fight to win the global war on Christmas as America needs Christmas shopping like a dog needs a mouse, like a cat needs a bone and like Rush Limbaugh needs oxycontin. All I asked him to do,” Bush said, “was to say for the American people a few ‘Our Fathers” and ‘Hail Macy’s.'” Continue reading

Christmas & New Year in the UK: Politics & Religion by Michael Faulkner

Dandelion Salad

by Michael Faulkner

I am submitting this column a little later than I had intended so what is often referred to here as ‘the festive season’ will finally have passed. I say finally because every year the Christmas holiday seems to lengthen, not only to embrace New Year’s Day, but to extend at least to the end of the first week of January. Continue reading

And So This Was Christmas By Eileen Fleming (Vanunu)

Dandelion Salad
By Eileen Fleming
12/27/07 “ICH

On Christmas Eve evening I picked up my mail and opened up a card from Jerusalem sent to me by Mordechai Vanunu. He made me laugh out loud, for he addressed it to: “Eileen Flaming” not Fleming, which is my actual name.

But, upon reflection, I think Vanunu has renamed me well; for I am flaming over the hypocrisy and injustice of empire and apathy and ignorance of good Christians who have no eyes to see, ears to hear, or hearts that bleed for the poor and oppressed in the Holy land and the entire Middle East. Continue reading

We Are All Prisoners Now By Paul Craig Roberts

Dandelion Salad

By Paul Craig Roberts
12/26/07 “ICH

“They’re locking them up today
They’re throwing away the key
I wonder who it’ll be tomorrow, you or me?”
The Red Telephone (LOVE, 1967)

At Christmas time it has been my habit to write a column in remembrance of the many innocent people in prisons whose lives have been stolen by the US criminal justice (sic) system that is as inhumane as it is indifferent to justice.  Usually I retell the cases of William Strong and Christophe Gaynor, two men framed in the state of Virginia by prosecutors and judges as wicked and corrupt as any who served Hitler or Stalin. Continue reading

Exclusive: Blair’s chameleonic path to divinity by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Dec 26, 2007

Friday 21st December 2007, Tony Blair converted to Catholicism at the private London chapel of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’ Connor, the head of the Catholic church in England and Wales. Murphy O’ Connor said later “I’m very glad to welcome Tony Blair into the Catholic Church”. Obviously Mr Blair’s stance on genocide, gay issues, abortion haven’t affected his right of passage into the church. Continue reading