It’s the End of the World as We know it and I feel FINE #23 (video; Food Riots; Ron Paul)

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1. Trillionaire Debt
2. Almost $100
3. PetroChina
4. Food Riots
5. Buy Nothing Day
6. No Borders Camp
7. R.A.T.M.
8. Ron Paul, who cares
9. Ward Churchill

The Mind in Chains-Why They Want to Fire Ward Churchill By Eva Liddell

By Eva Liddell

06/26/07 “ICH

The latest efforts by folks in support of two well known university professors to either receive tenure or retain it is a little foreign to me but I’m workin’ with it. I’m from the generation that shut down universities during college strikes in the 1960’s. I can’t recall anybody chanting during demonstrations for professor so and so to get tenure. We were urging professors to drop out like everybody else and join in resisting a ludicrous war. Times change. But we’re still in a war. Continue reading