Murder, Spies and Voting Lies: Rigged elections exposed

Croniicbo0o | Jul 29, 2009

Whistleblower Clint Curtis spills the beans to journalist/blogger Brad Friedman ( about the election fraud associated with George W. Bush’s first presidential ballot. Beautifully shot, in a style described as “60-minutes-noir”, Patty Sharaf’s acclaimed film has been called the “Alfred Hitchcock of election fraud movies”. Friedman pokes at the seamy side of democracy, uncovering the story of computer programmer Clint Curtis, who recounts being asked before the 2000 election by a prominent Florida legislator to create vote-rigging software for electronic voting machines. The vote-rigging scandal devolves into a murder mystery, with Friedman shaking down the facts. With electronic voting machine companies aggressively selling all over the globe, the implications for democracy worldwide are profound.

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Clint Curtis: Murder, Spies and Voting Lies

Dandelion Salad


Manipulating US elections

With just eight days to go before the US presidential election, Riz Khan speaks to the man responsible for vote-rigging software capable of flipping election outcomes.

Clint Curtis has now turned whistleblower and is an advocate for an electoral process that includes a verifiable paper trail.

With many Americans still convinced that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen, we ask is it possible that the 2008 race could be ‘flipped’.

Investigative blogger Brad Friedman joins Curtis to reveal the dark side of electronic voting.

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