Olbermann: Secret Memo + Torture + Repubs 08 + Rush (video)

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clyde1952 We know that torture is not a part of…

We know that torture is not a part of the Bushco agenda. How do we know this? Because they tell us so, and they wouldn’t lie to the American People would they? Of course not, because Presidents never lie.

And of course, there are a lot of secret papers we can’t see pertaining to this because it is important that just about everything in our government remain secret. I mean, isn’t ignorance suppose to be bliss? Ask any Republican, they’ll tell you. Being kept in the dark, letting Bushco destroy the constitution and our Bill of Rights has been good for them so shouldn’t it be good for everybody.

Keith Olbermann explores more about the secret torture of the United States Government. Although you must be careful, because even asking questions about those secrets, means you are a terrorist.

I know we all want to believe that just like Jack Bauer has shown, if you want to get information out of a prisoner, you simply inflict as much pain on them as possible. Unfortunately in the reality world in which the sane people of America live in, we know that what really happens is that a person being tortured will tell you anything and everything and everything you want to hear. The problem is that the “anything and everything” isn’t worth a damn. Sorry Jack Bauer, but that’s the way it works. Former CIA Case Officer Robert Baer stops by to discuss this with Keith.

You’ve heard it in the MSM. You’ve heard it from the pundits and as always the pundits get it right so you know it must be true. Hilary Clinton is a polarizing figure in politics. Uh…wait a minute. You say there’s a new poll asking actual real life voters what they think? You say it shows something altogether different? Shhhh….some wayward TV pundit might hear you.

First up we have Oddball with Rubik’s Cube Mania, the car of the future and making it’s third appearance is another story about the leg found in the grill. Oh joy.

Then we have Best Persons. Tonight’s lineup include: Lynn K. Dailey, who was arrested for stealing a donut by sticking it in her back pocket. Clive Halford who stole a truck to steal Copper and Nickel. It didn’t quite work out, and an International Conference of utmost importance in South Korea. It has something to do with condoms.

On a darker note, more on Rush Limbaugh and how because of him and others like him, the Republican Party has lost any smidgen of decency it may have had if it ever had any at all. When Republican Congressman use Fatboy’s smear of the troops to garner political donations, I’m thinking we may as well regress two hundred years and start all over again. They somehow continue to fine new ways to sink into the deepest depths of a dark abyss of moral indecency.

NOTE: There is a slight jump between Oddball and Best Person. This was due to a few seconds I had to edit out because of a technical problem. My apologies.

Gold Medalist Marion Jones pleads guilty to lying under oath about steroid use. On the courthouse steps, she offered her public apology. I guess this means she won’t be getting anymore endorsement offers. As for me, I only watch sports with a passing interest these days. Too much drugs, too much money, too much arrogance, too many criminals.

Glenn Beck rounds out worst person in the world tonight.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the first Friday of the month, the time that we all wait for with eager anticipation. It’s exciting, it’s great, it’s wonderful! It’s the ODDBALL PLAYS OF THE MONTH!