NATO: The Military Enforcement Wing Of The West’s 1% by Rick Rozoff

by Rick Rozoff
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism
April 9, 2012

Stop NATO manifestation, Krakow

Image by Gosia Malochleb via Flickr

On April 7 Fox News Chicago reported on Occupy Chicago’s march through the city’s downtown, the Loop, recording that hundreds of protesters chanted “End the war, tax the rich” during part of the group’s Chicago Spring actions throughout the city “as the movement prepares for NATO.”

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Did US aid fund mass graves in Colombia?


April 02, 2010 — The mass graves in Colombia raise serious questions for both Colombia and the United States. Why is the United States in Colombia? In addition, United States President Barack Obama and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe agree that the United States will have access to seven military bases in Colombia.

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Hostages Freed in Colombia by Eva Golinger

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by Eva Golinger
Global Research, April 1, 2010
Correo del Orinoco International– 2010-03-30

The Colombian Senator, herself and her daughter once hostages of right-wing paramilitary forces, has been leading peace efforts in the country for years. Despite sabotage by the Colombian government, Cordoba and her group, Colombians For Peace, were able to free two more hostages this week. The world kept up with the emotional developments via Twitter.

“They closed the helicopter doors, it’s still really loud, Colombia, give peace a chance!”, read one of Piedad Cordoba’s tweets early Sunday (@piedadcordoba), as she boarded the helicopter that just hours later, brought Josue Calvo home. The Colombian Senator has been leading peace efforts for several years in her country, which has been plagued with a 60-year old civil war between right and left forces.

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Corporate media silent on Colombian paramilitaries’ confession to 30,000 murders By Les Blough

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By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic
Thursday, Feb 25, 2010

Apparently, the corporate media doesn’t consider it to be newsworthy: the confession to a Colombian prosecutor of 30,000 murders by paramilitaries who are linked to the Alvaro Uribe regime. To date, Associated Press, Reuters and their contracted media outlets remain silent on this latest news. If it had taken place in Somalia, China, Syria, North Korea, Iran or any of Washington’s perceived enemies, we would be seeing it on a CNN special report, backed up on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post. The last prominent NYT article reporting in January, 2007 on Colombian paramilitary death squads provided President Uribe with cover, stating:

“Senior members of Mr. Uribe’s government and Mr. Uribe himself have said that anyone shown to have had illegal ties to the paramilitaries, which terrorized Colombian cities and the countryside in the nation’s internal war, which has gone on for decades, and made fortunes in cocaine trafficking, should be prosecuted in courts of law…

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The Stimulator: The Olympigs are here + Unlawful anti-terror powers planned for use during 2012 Olympics

February 07, 2010


This week:

1. Colombian attack on the indigenous
2. Blocking the flows of carbon
3. Mending the Niger Delta
4. RCMP can’t find Bin Laden
5. The Olympigs are here!
6. The resistance responds
7. KRS1
8. Occupy Everything

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American Empire, Part I By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 6, 2010

I stopped trusting the United States a long time ago. I find it very hard to believe anything that comes from the federal government. I am convinced that both major political parties have the same agenda; world domination. I also believe that Congress has lost most of the power reserved for it by the United States Constitution. The Bush administration greatly expanded Executive Branch power, especially in the area of military operations. The Authorization for the Use of Force passed in 2002 had a stipulation that the Executive Branch must report to Congress every 60 days on how the AUOF was being used. (Public Law 107-243, Oct 16, 2002). Continue reading

Daniel Kovalik: Plan Colombia Continues Under Obama Administration

February 02, 2010

Barack Obama this [past] summer signed a deal to give the Pentagon access to 7 military bases in Colombia. Some argue that the United States aims to cash in on Colombia’s oil; big oil may turn up the heat on Colombia’s drug war.

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stimulator: Hackin Drones + My predictions for 2010

January 17, 2010

Hackin Drones…

1. Coked up drones
2. Hacking Skynet
3. Iranian Rage
4. The economy must collapse
5. Criminals in Action
6. The Stimulator’s Magic Crystal Balls

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Chavez warns of US-Colombia plot

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29 Dec 2009

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States and Colombia of conspiring to build a fake guerrilla camp on Venezuelan territory in order to undermine his rule.

In a televised address at Fort Mara military base in the western city of Maracaibo, Chavez referred to the ‘possibility’ of a US-sponsored initiative by Colombia to put bodies and weapons of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) fighters in a neglected region of Venezuela in order to ‘discredit’ his government.

Colombia may transport corpses of leftist FARC rebels “to a mountain in Venezuelan territory, build some huts, an improvised camp, put some rifles there… and say ‘There it is, the guerrilla camp in Venezuela,’” the Associated Press quoted him as saying on Monday.

“We have evidence that the Colombian government, instructed and supported, or rather directed by the United States, is preparing a false positive,” he noted, using statistical terminology to describe the feasibility of such a scheme.

“The verbal war against Venezuela began weeks ago, saying that we have I don’t know how many guerrilla chiefs hidden here… that in Venezuela there are rebel camps protected by the Venezuelan government, which is absolutely false,” the Venezuelan president told soldiers stationed near the country’s second largest city.

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Eva Golinger: US Spy Drones Detected in Venezuela

US Military Aggression against Venezuela escalating by Eva Golinger

Chávez: Netherlands and U.S. Planning Military Aggression Against Venezuela from Dutch Antilles by James Suggett

Eva Golinger: US Spy Drones Detected in Venezuela

[Note the interview ends abruptly due to technical problems.]

December 22, 2009

Hugo Chavez is accusing the US of flying spy planes over
Venezuela. Are the accusation true? If so, what is the US looking for,
or what does Venezuela have to hide?

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Chávez: Netherlands and U.S. Planning Military Aggression Against Venezuela from Dutch Antilles by James Suggett

Dandelion Salad

by James Suggett
December 19th 2009

Mérida, December 18th 2009 ( – During a meeting with trade unions, political organizations, and social movement leaders in Copenhagen, Denmark on Thursday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused the Netherlands of allowing the United States military to plan a future attack against Venezuela from its island territories in the Caribbean, known as the Dutch Antilles.

“I am accusing the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the Yankee empire of preparing a military aggression against Venezuela,” said Chavez, who came to Copenhagen to participate in the XV United Nations International Conference on Climate Change this week.

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Colombia to build military base near Venezuelan border

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Dandelion Salad

Sat, 19 Dec 2009 22:43:45 GMT

Colombia has announced that it plans to build a new military base near its border with Venezuela.

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva said on Friday that the base, which is to be located on the Guajira peninsula near the city of Nazaret, will have up to 1,000 troops.

Two air battalions will also be activated in other border areas, he stated.

“It is a strategic point from a defense point of view,” Silva noted.

The $1.5 million facility, paid for with Colombian tax funds, would also have a care facility for indigenous Wayuu people who live in the area, he added.

Meanwhile, Colombian Army Commander General Oscar Gonzalez announced on Saturday that six air battalions are being activated, including two on the border with Venezuela.

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Noam Chomsky: US ‘War on Drugs’ in Latin America

Dandelion Salad

Note: this is an excerpt from Noam Chomsky: History of US Rule in Latin America

December 19, 2009

Professor Noam Chomsky PhD talks about the real purpose of the US ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America.

Filmed by Paul Hubbard at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 12-15-09

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Eva Golinger: US Government led by Obama Is Preparing for War in South America By Mike Whitney

Dandelion Salad

By Mike Whitney
December 18, 2009 “Information Clearing House

1 Mike Whitney—-The US media is very critical of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He’s frequently denounced as “anti-American”, a “leftist strongman”, and a dictator. Can you briefly summarize some of the positive social, economic and judicial changes for which Chavez is mainly responsible?

Eva Golinger—-The first and foremost important achievement during the Chávez administration is the 1999 Constitution, which, although not written nor decreed by Chávez himself, was created through his vision of change for Venezuela. The 1999 Constitution was, in fact, drafted – written – by the people of Venezuela in one of the most participatory examples of nation building, and then was ratified through popular national referendum by 75% of Venezuelans. Continue reading