Priests, Abuse, Society and Children… by Corneilius Crowley

by Corneilius Crowley
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Published previously: The Irish Times, Nov 28, 2009
2 Jan. 2010

Another report from the slow snail of Justice and Governance in Ireland regarding the vast swathe of crimes against children perpetrated by the people within the Institutions set up by State and Church for the ‘care’ of children has just been published. The BBC reported this here.

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Neural Pathways, Belief and Power in Society

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by Cornelius
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Beliefs and Behaviour Patterns are Neural Pathways that have Become Hardened.

As the brain is growing and forming in the young child, with each new experience a new neural pathway is created, and as those experiences are repeated that pathway or sets of pathways get used repeatedly. Thus certain pathways will become ‘worn’ or ‘hardened’.

This is necessary, and is how, for example, learning to ride a bike gets to a point where one does not need to think about it. The thinking during repeated raining has formed enough of a pathway series to carry out all the various task required to maintain balance, note direction, read the ground and so on.

In this way the child learns and stores vital skills, such as control of her/his limbs, balance, co-ordination.

So we know that it takes about 10,000 hours of training to become fluent in say a musical instrument so that one is a virtuoso, or indeed any particular skill/talent that is then viewed, in our culture, as ‘pretty damn good’.

This applies to physical action as much as thought processes.

We know that children learn much quicker when their learning is self-directed, and that the enthusiasm of the child is a major factor in driving what they will learn.

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Bunny Wars at Easter! (video)

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


I saw this report on yahoo news about how much people in the USA were spending on Easter Candy … and I thought that it would be a good satire, a parody of the media, to compare that broadcast with the Iraq war reportage….

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Coreluminus: Ballad of John Taylor Gatto (music video)

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All of us who went to school thought we were learning, only we did not know that the lesson was obedience, and that the histories we were given were lies, and the exams were behavioural tests, not academic tests.

The devisors of the tests only interest was would we modify our behaviour enough to do them.

They also screened out the resilient amongst us, by making us feel ‘weird’, ‘different’ or ‘disruptive’.

That this was all a consciously crafted process, to mentally subjugate entire nations, to enfeeble young minds so that they are more easliy (mis)led, that they might vote, and enlist when the call came, and die inglorious deaths on a battlefield far away, for the purposes of the wealthy elites comes as no surprise.

Yet when one reads the detailed history of Compulsory State Education, one is shocked by the arrogant cruelty and banal bigotry of those who devised the roots of these systems.

Read it for yourself.

See the truth.

“The Underground History of (American) Education”

A worthy read.


Exterminating Public Schools in America

Nature Works! Logic Bomb #4 (video)

Stop Harm: Logic Bomb #3 (video)

T(ypo)ERRORISM (video) + List of US Bombings since WWII

Coreluminus: We are going to war? (music video; over 18 only)

T(ypo)ERRORISM (video) + List of US Bombings since WWII

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Thinking for yerself, requires that ya ditch all the thinking modalities given and journey to discover you own innate processes.

If we, the people, stopped war, it would mean two things: firstly that we can work together for the better of each other, and secondly that we are the real power in humanity, and that we have finally matured enough to assume that power safely.

All it takes is one simple action by most of us at the same time.

Wars do not fight themselves.

Added: December 11, 2007

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Coreluminus: We are going to war? (music video; over 18 only)

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This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


we are going to war, we pay taxes, taxes buy bullets, bullets hit people, some ones dies, someone else makes a profit.

Not good.

2 Million marched 5 years ago, 6000 on October 8th 2007.

What gives?

This video says how I feel about this.

Added: October 19, 2007

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