Chris Hedges and Lee Camp: War—That’s How Empires Die

The Greatest Evil is War by Chris Hedges

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Dandelion Salad

“They going to have to negotiate in the end. It’s not about Ukraine, it’s not about democracy, it’s not about freedom, it’s about degrading Russia.” — Chris Hedges

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Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer: Gorbachev, Russia and Ukraine

Please No More War, Love

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Katie Halper on Sep 1, 2022

Journalists Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer discuss Mikhail Gorbachev, his life, his role in the end of the Cold War and his legacy today. How does he relate to Vladimir Putin, the state of Russia today and the war in Ukraine.

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David Swanson: Those 80 Dead Were All Human Beings

Syria protest nyc_july10_DSC_0006

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with David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Let’s Try Democracy, Nov. 15, 2021
November 16, 2021

“Why in the heck should it be legal or moral to blow up 80 people if you label them non-civilians?” — David Swanson

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Kevin Gosztola: US Government’s Appeal Hearing In Assange Extradition Case: Day 1

graffiti, Leake Street

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Dandelion Salad

Shadowproof on Oct 27, 2021

Kevin Gosztola has been following the first day of proceedings at the High Court of Justice in the extradition case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The Crown Prosecution Service is arguing on behalf of the United States government to overturn a district judge’s decision to block the extradition back in January. Join Kevin for a report on Day 1.

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Sorry Cover-Up for US Mass Murder, by Finian Cunningham

2014 Global Day Of Action Against Drones DC, October 4, 2014

Image by Stephen Melkisethian via Flickr

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Crossposted from Sputnik, Sept. 18, 2021
September 20, 2021

So a top US commander has come clean on primetime TV about the killing of 10 civilians in Afghanistan with a drone missile. Seven of the victims were children packed into a car.

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Chris Hedges and Jesselyn Radack: Whistleblower Daniel Hale

Protesting Drones at Obama's Inauguration

Image by Debra Sweet via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Originally on RT America on Jul 29, 2021

The Chris Hedges YouTube Channel on Jul 1, 2022

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks with Jesselyn Radack, lawyer for US intelligence whistleblower Daniel Hale.

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Chris Hedges: We Know the Truth about Drones Because of the Courage of Daniel Hale


Image by AK Rockefeller via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 27, 2021

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and host of RT’s On Contact, Chris Hedges, discusses the case of US intelligence whistleblower Daniel Hale, as well as America’s drone massacres and how these turned the Muslim world against the United States.

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