A Tribute to David Coetzee (1943-2010) By William Bowles

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By William Bowles
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
7 July, 2010

Many years ago, actually I think it was 1985, I was on a trip to London from New York and having discovered as it were a few years earlier, the online world of FidoNet, I was anxious to spread the word to the comrades. A year before I’d started New York Online (1983-92) that I ended up running on my first Macintosh computer and was busy networking independent journalism to the planet from my loft in Brooklyn.

In any case, I was in London trying to get the Morning Star newspaper online, or at least using email and I met with the then foreign editor of the Star, David Whitfield who was less than impressed with my vision but who nevertheless introduced me to David Coetzee, an exiled South African journalist who published a weekly digest on Southern African affairs called SouthScan – A Bulletin of Southern African Affairs. The meeting with David changed the entire trajectory of my life, in fact, I doubt I would be sitting here now writing this were it not for meeting up with David.

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