Radical Democracy & Popular Power: Thinking About New Socialisms for the 21st Century

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Ottawa — 5 March 2011

David McNally teaches Political Science at York University, Toronto and is a long-time activist in socialist and global justice movements. He is the author of six books, includingGlobal Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance (2010) published by PM Press. Continue reading

Mubarak’s Folly: The Rising of Egypt’s Workers by David McNally


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Workers' protest for a national minimum wage i...

Image by Mashahed's Photos via Flickr

by David McNally
Socialist Project | The Bullet
February 11, 2011

Rarely do our rulers look more absurd than when faced with a popular upheaval. As fear and apathy are broken, ordinary people – housewives, students, sanitation workers, the unemployed – remake themselves. Having been objects of history, they become its agents. Marching in their millions, reclaiming public space, attending meetings and debating their society’s future, they discover in themselves capacities for organization and action they had never imagined. They arrest secret police, defend their communities and their rallies, organize the distribution of food, water and medical supplies. Exhilarated by new solidarities and empowered by the understanding that they are making history, they shed old habits of deference and passivity.

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