Work for Justice, Go to Jail? + Support Ezra Nawi

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Update: 20,000 sign petition asking not to put Ezra Nawi in jail | Israel | Jerusalem Post

[August 12, 2009 – Note: Ezra’s sentencing comes up soon, please sign the petition]

Crossposted with permission from Jewish Peace News

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Jewish Peace News
June 21, 2009

The article below, from Friday’s Haaretz, is by David Shulman, author of Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine, and Ta’ayush activist. In his usual fluid and perceptive style, he recounts why Ezra Nawi—his friend, comrade, beloved activist— may well go to jail on July 1st. The reason: non-violently protecting the homes of Bedouin Palestinians in the South Hebron hills from being demolished. In the mixed up world of Israeli “democracy,” this is apparently a jail worthy offense.

The first time I was ever in the West Bank, I drove with Ezra in his truck, known to almost everyone in the South Hebron Hills. I remember so clearly the scene David Shulman describes and how it shocked me: the rickety shacks pieced together from tin and rags where the Palestinians lived, pressed up against the edges of the settlement, with its large houses with red roofs and green lawns (made possible by the water stolen from its Palestinian owners). I tried to imagine someone standing in her kitchen, looking out at these pathetic shelters, and feeling threatened or cruel enough to insist on their destruction.

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