Sainthood cause for Dorothy Day + Who is Dorothy Day? + Dorothy Day’s unpopular stance

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Dandelion Salad

CatholicNewsService· Dec 12, 2012

Part I in a series examining the sainthood cause of Dorothy Day, an American activist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement. This segment examines recent developments in the canonization process.

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Our Brothers, the Jews by Dorothy Day (1933)

Dandelion Salad

by Dorothy Day
America Magazine
Nov. 9, 2009

A lost manuscript, a continued call for solidarity

Unlike any other Catholic writer at the time, Dorothy Day saw Adolf Hitler’s emerging policy toward the Jews as a moral problem for Catholics. She saw this while Hitler was still only the chancellor in a multiparty cabinet—two years before he combined the office of chancellor and president to become Führer and almost four years before Germany adopted the Nuremburg Laws that stripped German Jews of their citizenship and human rights. Day’s views are expressed in this previously unknown essay, which lay undetected in a correspondence file in the Dorothy Day-Catholic Worker Collection at Marquette University.


A Jew came into the office of The Catholic Worker the other day and sat around and read for a while. He nosed through Cahill’s Christian State and condemned it for its anti-Semitism. Then he looked at a missal for a while and hummed through some of the Gregorian plain chant.


via America Magazine – Our Brothers, the Jews