Chris Hedges and Andy Worthington: Over 17 Years of Detention and Torture at Guantanamo Bay Prison

Guantanamo Bay protest

Image by Victoria Pickering via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Andy Worthington

RT America on Mar 23, 2019

The most notorious U.S. detention site in the world, Guantanamo Bay, still holds 40 prisoners. Most of the 800 men shipped to Guantanamo Bay since it was opened under George W. Bush in 2002 were sold to U.S. forces for bounty by Pakistani and Afghan officials, militia and warlords. They were stripped of their legal rights, held for years without being charged or given a fair and open trial. Not only is the detention center a recruiting dream for radical jihadists, it costs American taxpayers $0.5 billion a year, roughly $11 million dollars for each detainee.

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A Reflection on Dick Cheney, U.S. Terrorist by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
Featured Writer
August 31, 2011

Dick Cheney, now touting his very warped version of reality in his book, is nothing less than a war criminal and a torturer, of course, and, as Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin suggests, his book should rightly be placed in the crime section of bookstores. In a world which actually lived according to its professed principles of justice, Cheney would now be locked up and awaiting trial at the Hague as one of the many war criminals from both the Bush and Obama administrations, instead of making the rounds of talk shows and spending his blood-stained book advance money. Continue reading