Showdown in Chicago: Protesters Greet American Bankers Association Conference

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Democracy Now!
Oct. 26, 2009

Showdown in Chicago: Protesters Greet American Bankers Association Conference

When the American Bankers Association scheduled their annual meeting in Chicago for this week, they probably weren’t expecting the reception they’ve received. Instead of a quiet convention in a downtown hotel, the ABA has been greeted by a parallel gathering of thousands of people in what organizers call the “Showdown in Chicago.” Spearheaded by the group National People’s Action, organizers have tried to bring together a cross-section of Americans affected by the financial meltdown, including homeowners, renters, farmers, workers and retirees. The Showdown kicked off Sunday when protesters entered the lobby of the hotel where the ABA delegates are gathering. [includes rush transcript]

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Bill Moyers Journal: Dick Durbin + Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

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Bill Moyers Journal
May 8, 2009

Dick Durbin

As the banking stress test results come in, the JOURNAL takes a closer look at money’s stranglehold on politics. Bill Moyers speaks with Senator Dick Durbin D-IL on campaign finance reform, big lobbying, and making Washington work for the people rather than special interests.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS.

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Bill Moyers speaks with one of America’s leading educators and author of THE THIRD CHAPTER: PASSION RISK AND ADVENTURE IN THE 25 YEARS AFTER 50.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS.


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